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Ulta Sale

Today I went to Ulta and stumbled on the sale of Ulta nail polish two bottles for $4.00, regular price is $6 each. On top of the sale I had my Ulta coupon of $3.50 off $10.00 or more. The four color choices I picked up are XOXO, Little Black Dress, Love Fern and My Two Cents.

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XOXO is a red glitter polish.

Little Black Dress is a black polish with micro glitter.

Lover Fern is a teal colored glitter with round glitter.

My Two Cents is a copper glitter polish.

Painted nails are happy nails.

Revlon Purchase!

Recently I made a quick stop at a local Big Lots and found they had multiple two packs
of Revlon nail polish for $2.00. I was pleasantly surprised to find Girlie in one of the packages, this polish had been on my want list for a while. I made a purchase of several packs and randomly tried a few. One thing that I love about Revlon is their brush it makes for easy application with any polish type.

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Girlie is a pink jelly with multi colored glitter and hex glitter with has four coats.

Fire Fox is a Matte Suede with micro glitter and has two coats.

Grape is a delicious purple with two coats.

Scandalous is a dark purple jelly with purple glitter and hex glitter has four coats.

Radiant is a glitter and hex glitter with four coats.

Vintage is a Top Speed polish with one coat.

Painted nails are happy nails!

New Wet N Wild

Went to my local Walgreens last weekend and purchased two new colors from Wet N Wild. The colors are Punch It Up and Lava Brew both colors are a micro-shimmer which went on smooth and has two coats. This polish has the Manicure Pro Brush I am not a fan of this brush, but I am a fan of the polish!

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I did read in fine print on the end cap display that Wet N Wild will have a BOGO 50% off in the month of April so keep an eye out for upcoming sales and be sure to grab some of the new colors!

Punch It Up

Lava Brew

Painted nails are happy nails!


On my last visit to Ross I found the Color Club Fiesta Collection and just had to buy it! The set has six colors and one top coat. The colors are Mamba, Flamingo, Wild Cactus, Sunrise Canyon, Endless Summer and On the Rocks.

On the Rocks has one coat while all others have two. These colors went on very easy and are fun and playful!

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Wild Cactus

Sunrise Canyon

Endless Summer

On the Rocks

Painted nails are happy nails!

Mini Mani Monday!

Recently I went through my mini bottles of polish and came up with the idea to do a manicure with my mini bottles to wear on Mondays! This weeks Mini Mani Monday is with an OPI Pink the dots are a purple Ulta glitter. I went with these two colors as it is bright and happy perfect for the Monday leading up to Easter!

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Mermaid’s Tale

Today I went to my local CVS and picked up two Sally Hansen colors: Mermaid’s Tale from the Complete Salon Manicure Collection and Blizzard Blue for the Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Collection. The two colors really compliment each other; Mermaid’s Tale is a blue jelly with glitter and hexagon glitter in a green and blue which went on very smooth even with the annoying wide brush. The Blizzard Blue is a light blue that is iridescent.

I used the Mermaid’s Tale which has two coats over a clear base as a stand alone on my ring finger and then used two coats of Blizzard Blue on all other fingers. For the Pinkie and index finger I used a sponge and placed the Mermaid Blue over the Blizzard blue to create a fun and colorful scale look.

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen sent me several colors from two collections to review. Three colors are from their Lustre Shine collection and two from their Gem Crush collection. I have always been a fan of Sally Hansen products so I was excited to get these in the mail and try them out.

The three samples from the Lustre Shine collection are Moonstone, Copperhead, and Azure. This polish is an iridescent and went on very smooth, I like the brush as it gives me more control when applying the polish.

Moonstone has two coats and it is a nice white with hints of pink, purple and green. This is a nice simple color that can go with anything but can also be used as a base for nail art.

Copperhead has one coat, I tried two but in my opinion one coat will do for this earthy color. The bottle has hints of green however when you paint the nail all you see is copper, I was really hoping for some green accent color.

Azure has two coats and is a deep blue with hints of silver. This was my favorite of the three colors and would definitely go great alone or used in some nail art.

The Gem Crush collection is a glitter base with hexagon glitter mix. The two colors sent to me were Be-Jeweled and Cha-Ching.  I LOVE both of these colors, the polish goes on easy and has a wide brush, I am not a fan of the wide brush but this worked well with the glitter mix. Both swatches have two coats over a clear base coat. I am not one to put glitter on for a pedicure but I will most definitely use either of these colors on a pedicure in the near future!

Be-Jeweled is a purple glitter with pink hex glitter.

Cha-Ching is a red glitter with silver hex glitter.

Painted nails are happy nails!


These product samples were given to Cool Polish for editorial purposes. The product samples came from one of the following: directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on are the truthful opinion of its author and are not persuaded by the manufacturer in any way.

Deal of the week!

For those of you looking to get a good deal on polish this week be sure to check out Wet n Wild at Walgreens which is on sale for .99 cents through Saturday. I picked up six colors from the Megalast collection.

The usual price at Walgreens is $1.99 so 50% off is pretty nice. The collection has a Pro Brush called ManiCurve. I am not a fan of this brush even though the polish goes on fast and smooth there is just something that annoys me about this brush. I was very disappointed with one of the brushes as it was cut in a weird angle like the machine went haywire in the factory. I typically look at the brushes really well before buying any polish so shame on me for not catching it.

The six colors I picked up are: I Need a Refresh-Mint, Disturbia, Toxic Apple, Through the Grapevine, Break the Ice and White and Stormy. White and Stormy is a clear halo glitter that I used as an accent top coat. All colors swatches have a base coat and two coats of color.

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Need a Refresh-Mint


Toxic Apple

Through the Grapevine

Break the Ice

Painted nails are happy nails!

Chroma Chameleon!

Revlon sent me 7 bottles of their new Chroma Chameleon nail enamel. This is a Limited Edition color shifting chrome polish in rich jewel tones that is available in 8 colors. Pink Quartz, Rose Gold, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cobalt, Tanzanite, Topaz and Gold. The bottle is .29 FL. ounces and retails for $5.99. I spotted these polishes at Bed Bath and Beyond recently and was very excited for the package to arrive!

Each color went on very smooth and has two coats. Most change color in every angle and truly is like a Chameleon! I have several favorites in this collection and will wear them often! Be sure to follow on facebook and instagram @coolpolishblog.

Pink Quartz is a beige color with rose colored hints.

Rose Quartz is a gold color with hints of rose and green.

Amethyst is a purple with hints of teal.

Aquamarine is teal blue color with hints of purple.

Cobalt is deep blue.

Tanzanite is a deep purple with hints of gold.

Topaz is a beautiful green with hints of gold.

Have you found these Captivating Chameleons and have you tried them? If so tell me what you think and be sure to share your photos with me on Facebook!

Painted nails are happy nails!


Candy Sprinkles!

Here are three more samples from the Hard Candy line exclusively at Walmart. These swatches are of my favorite three colors in the Candy Sprinkles collection: Gummy Green, Pink Taffy, and Cocoa Smore. The colors are made up of multicolored hexagon glitter with a nice polish color which covers the nail in two coats. Each stroke of the brush leaves plenty of glitter on the nail.

I could not pick a favorite out of the three colors because I liked them all. Each swatch has a clear base coat and two coats of polish.

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Gummy Green

Pink Taffy

Cocoa Smore

Happy nails are painted nails!