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New Metal With Color and Reissue Metallic Sinful Colors!

Tonight at Wal-Mart I spotted a display on the end cap named Metal With Color. Five of these metallics are reissues from the Fall 2012 Hot Flash Metallic’s Collection. I own the collection but there are two new colors that caught my eye: Lingot and Dark Bronze. A quick Google search showed that they may be new to the US market but previously released in the European market.

Here is the top of the display:

A reminder of the colors in the original collection is: Moss Have, Gone Platinum, Zincing of You, Hot Hot Heat, Super Nova, Precious Metal, Heavy Metal and Hot Wired.

If you didn’t pick up the entire collection and wish you had here are the five reissues that are available in the display: Precious Metal, Moss Have, Heavy Metal, Hot Wired, and Super Nova


Dark Bronze

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Leather Luxe by Sinful Colors!

I purchased four colors from the Leather Luxe collection, the four leathers I picked up are: Get It On, Cold Leather, Leather Loose and Whipped.

The polish is a matte polish that goes on thick (only one coat needed) for added fun use a top coat to create a combo matte and shiny look. I did attempt to use whipped with a stamp but was unsuccessful.

If you like dark colors and matte polishes then this collection is for you, with a price tag of only $1.99 per bottle these would be a good addition to the collection.

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Get It On- a deep delicious red!

Cold Leather-a dark and dangerous blue!

Leather Loose-a brown polish with fantastic gold micro glitter!

Whipped-a basic black

Painted nails are happy nails!


Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Fall 2013 Limited Edition Glitter!

Here is my final swatch of the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Limited edition glitters! I love this glitter collection called Rent The Runway! Be sure to pick a few of these lovelies up before they are sold out!

Check out previous blogs on these glitters here and here.

Confetti Cake is a tinted purple jelly with purple glitter and a combination of medium hex glitter in blue and pink with large hex glitter in black, silver.

Painted nails are happy nails!

Fall 2013 Sally Hansen Limited Edition Xtreme Wear Glitter Polish

Here are two more swatches of the Sally Hansen Limited Edition Glitter polish for Fall 2013. I LOVE this collection so much! I have always been a fan of Sally Hansen and can honestly say they perfected this collection!
These two swatches are Sea-ly String and Confetti Punch. Both are fun and packed full of glitter!

For a base I used Sally Hansen Maximum Strength base coat, both have three coats of polish and no top coat, and for those wondering NO it does not get caught in hair or on clothes! I have hair to the middle of my back and have had no problems with this collection as of yet!

Sea-ly String is a jelly blue base with a mix of small and large regular and hex glitter in black, silver and blue with black bar glitter. this photo does no justice for the polish!

Confetti Punch is a jelly base that is rose in color and its packed full of mini pink glitter then multi sized hex glitter in blue, gold and pink.

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Limited Edition Glitter Fall 2013!

I am excited for all the Fall 2013 polish releases but I am VERY excited for the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Limited Edition Glitters. This collection is AMAZING they are some serious glitters that are only $2.99 per bottle! These two swatches are Green Rocket and Rosey Shooter, I purchased these two polishes.

Green Rocket is a clear base with a mix of green and white glitter with different size white and green hex glitter, and white bar glitter.

Rosey Shooter is a clear base with a mix of white and red glitter with different size white and green hex glitter, and white bar glitter.

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Ulta Nail FX Review!

A while ago I picked up the Ulta Nail FX Topcoat kit. This kit includes four top coats:

Color Enhancing: Ulta boasts to brighten and intensify any nail enamel by making a pop in direct sunlight and glow under a black light.

Matte: Creates a matte top effect over any shade.

Holographic: A rainbow holograph effect when used alone or as a frost over any color.

Smokey: Gives shades a dark smokey effect.

I would not recommend three of the four top coats from this kit, I am disappointed in these and it saddens me because I do like Ulta nail polish. The matte top coat was very faint my photo does show some shine from the light however it should be known that this top coat falls short on the matte look and leaves a mix of shiny and matte. My suggestion would be to purchase a Revlon or NYC matte top coat over Ulta. The Color Enhancing top coat was a huge disappointment for me. I used a Revlon base color and applied the top coat, I took a photo outside in the sun to see it sparkle but all I saw were bubbles in the top coat. The smokey top coat works however it streaks when you apply it.

Color Enhancing: The one plus is that it does glow under a black light; I will try to mix it with nail polish to create some designs that will glow.

Under black light:

In sun:


Holographic: Saves the day! I like this one a lot, it delivers the holographic look I wanted!

Smokey: This will work to change up a chipped manicure or as part of a gradient look. Pointer and middle finger have the top coat.

Painted nails are happy nails!

L’Oreal Polish with Sally Hansen Top Coat!

Recently I purchased my first L’Oreal polish, both are jellies. One is a delicious purple called Berry Nice and the other is Wishful Pinking. I swatched both colors alone and then added a modified Sally Hansen Disco Ball with some LA Splash glitter as a top coat to each.

The L’Oreal polish is smooth goes on with no streaks and has three coats. Working with this polish is very easy. For the Sally Hansen I added some glitter from LA Splash and created a glorious top coat!

Wishful Pinking is a light pink that is perfect for anyone that works in a professional environment and can not wear bright nails; it would also be great to cover up stained nails.

Berry Nice is a delicious deep purple!

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Painted nails are happy nails!

First Indie Polish!

Recently I made a purchase of my first Indie Nail Polish. I purchased three bottles from
Coated in Polish, Baby Boy Blue, Neon Bubble Gum and You’re So Square which was inspired by me! Jess was quick to reply to my email and order, I had the order in a few days and she sent a mini bottle of Peach Soup which is a nice addition to my mini collection.

Baby Boy Blue is a light blue base with a mix of neon green stars and square glitter, neon blue hex with a hot orange and silver mini hex.

Neon Bubble Gum is a bright pink base with gold squares mini hex glitter in neon pink, black and white, and neon blue hex glitter. I really love this color!

You’re So Square is a white base with two different size squares there are small metallic squares in gold, green and blue then a non metallic pink with a mix of larger squares in purple, neon green, and neon pink. Thank you Jess for making this square polish so quickly after my request for square glitter polish!

Peach Soup is a peach colored polish with mini yellow hex and a mix of larger hex in neon green, neon pink and orange.

Each swatch has Orly Ridge Filler for the base and three coats for each color and no top coat. The glitter in the polish does not catch on clothes or hair and layers well with each coat.

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Milani and Sally Hansen Nail Designs!

Here are two recent nail designs; both were fun and fairly easy to create! One design is a gradient done with Sally Hansen polish and some loose glitter, while the other was made with Milani nail color and chevron nail stickers which I purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply. All supplies used for these nails were purchased by me.

For both looks I started with a base coat which I have trusted for years, about 6 months ago I stopped using this base coat and quickly regretted it. The base coat that I swear by is Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat; it goes on smooth and dries fast. (It is not a quick dry top coat)

Sally Hansen Gradient

The two colors I used where from the Salon Manicure Collection, The purple is called Purple Pulse and the pink is Cherry Cherry Bang Bang. For this look I used a makeup sponge placed a little of each color and rocked the sponge with the polish on my fingernails. Once the polish was dry I took a small brush and brushed some loose glitter onto the base of the nail and sealed it in with the Double Duty Top coat. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Milani Chevron

For this look I used three Milani colors Sweetest Pink, Tropical Fiesta and Silver Dazzle. I stared the base color with Sweetest Pink let it dry then applied the chevron nail guides to the tips of my nails, from there I painted the tips Silver Dazzle. It is important that you remove the tape soon after applying the polish otherwise you will ruin the perfect lines. Once the tape was removed I placed another chevron sticker guide below the Silver Dazzle tip and used Tropical Fiesta.

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Painted nails are happy nails!