Sinful Colors Professional Truly Madly Sparkly

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While at┬ámy local Walgreens I spotted two new Sinful Colors Professional displays, one called OH SNAP! Which featured “Runway Colors, With a Vintage Flair” the other called TRULY MADLY SPARKLY, a display that was a combination of jelly hex glitter combos and, micro shimmers that almost look metallic. I purchased six of the eight on the TRULY MADLY SPAKLE display for $0.99 each. The cap of the jelly glitters have a sticker that say Sinful Colors LIMITED TIME BLING IT ON.

It’s been a while since I made a Sinful Colors purchase and this is only because they haven’t had anything I wanted but, these I had to purchase!

The shades purchased are Interstellar, Startlet Fever, Hit the Dance Floor, Snow and Teal, Teal Midnight and, Palm Breezy (micro shimmer).

I LOVE this collection! My favorites are Hit the Dance Floor and, Interstellar, but serious buy them all because these Jellys are not goopy and, go on so smooth, each brush stroke is full of different size smaller hex glitter that is evenly distributed on the nail, the Jellys take three coats. The micro shimmer goes on smooth and will take two coats.

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Hit The Dance Glow

Starlet Fever

Snow and Teal

Teal Midnight


Palm Breezy




Painted nails are happy nails!




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