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Fun Top Coats!

You can add a little more character to a nail color with top coats, here is my review on four fun top coats!

I absolutely love Out the Door Northern Lights Hologram Top Coat “Silver” top coat for a slight glitter shine which dries very quickly. My second favorite glitter top coat is from NYC called In a New York Color Minute this is a multi colored glitter top coat and dries in a very short time. Finger Paints Sparkle Top Coat is thick and takes forever to dry, I only recommend it if you have a lot of time on your hands, the finished product is a holographic glitter bar. Finally I sampled the NYC Matte me Crazy Mattifying Top Coat, this top coat goes on fast and dries within a reasonable time, with the Matte coat I was able to play with the dotting tool on the middle and index finger while completely covering the pinkie and ring finger nail.

The base is China Glaze Gothic Lolita all swatches have two coats of color. I hope you enjoy this blog on fun top coats! Tell me what your favorite fun top coat is!

Happy nails are painted nails!


I was at my local Sally’s Beauty Supply store and came across the display for the new China Glaze Glitz Bitz ‘N Pieces, I picked up four of the six colors available. The collection is a beautiful glitter with large and small hexagon shapes, and glitter bars.

The colors I picked up are:

Graffiti Glitter-A green glitter with green and black hexagons in two sizes and black glitter bars.

Mosaic Madness-A blue and black glitter with blue and black hexagons in two sizes and black glitter bars.

Glitz & Pieces- A silver and black glitter with black and silver hexagons in two sizes and black glitter bars.

Scattered & Tattered-A red and black glitter with red and black hexagons in two sizes and black glitter bars.

The polish went on very smooth and even considering how chunky it is, I did not use a top coat and didn’t feel there was a need to. On the ring finger I used two coats of the Bits ‘N Pieces all other fingers have one coat. The one thing I would watch out for is on the glitter bars just to make sure they aren’t hanging over the edge of the nail.

Tell me your thoughts on this collection and be sure to follow me on instagram @coolpolishblog.

Graffiti Glitter over China Glaze Unpredictable

Mosaic Madness over Sinful Colors Professional Smokin

Glitz & Pieces over Sinful Colors Professional Slate

Scattered & Tattered over China Glaze Satin Sheets

Happy nails are painted nails!

Mail Day

Happy Wednesday!

Today I finally received nail tape which was ordered from a seller on Amazon. The tape was ordered through a Chinese seller so I expected the delay in shipment.

When I came home from work the first thing I did was check out the tape color and tried it on my nails. I was happy with the ten colors that came, light pink, dark pink, gold, silver, blue, green, white, purple, red and copper.

I quickly added the tape to my already painted nails which is China Glaze Strawberry Fields. There was no pattern thought process, I just placed it on quickly then applied China Glaze Hanging in the Balance which is part of the Cirque Du Soleil collection over the tape and already painted nails.

Happy nails are painted nails!

Pink and Glitter

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Pink is one of my favorite nail colors, add a little glitter and it is the perfect nail combination for me! Both pinks have two coats with two coats of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

On my left hand I used China Glaze Wicked Style from the 2012 Electrocpop Collection with China Glaze Pizzazz from the 2012 Holiday Joy Collection as a layer color. The Wicked Style is a fantastic pink and great not only for the fingers but also for a pedicure! Who doesn’t love a nice cheerful Pedicure? The Pizzazz is a great glitter I love the shine it gives, if you like glitter this is a must have!

For my right hand I used OPI Don’t Know Beets Me with OPI Save Me from the limited Nicki Manaj Collection as a layer color. The pink is an older color but it is one of my all time favorites, it is a great bright pink, you will often see this color on my toes. The Save Me is a nice silver and blue glitter with a holographic glitter bar which is perfect for anyone looking for something to add some extra shine and confetti look to their manicure.


Happy nails are painted nails!

Heart Nails

Happy Saturday!

This is my first of a few Valentines Day nail polish blogs! I am happy with how the manicure came out! The base is Sinful Colors Professional Easy Going, it is a creamy light pink with two coats for a nice thick base. On both hands I used Mash stamp plate number 39, and the top coat is Seche Vite with one coat.

For my left hand I stamped with China Glaze Satin Sheets.

For my right hand I stamped with China Glaze Pink Voltage.

Happy nails are painted nails!