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Sally Hansen Color Frenzy Collection

Sally Hansen sent me the new Limited Edition Color Frenzy Glitter Collection. This collection is part of the I Heart Nail Art Liquid Mani-a Collection. The bottles state texture polish but really these are more of a glitter top coat type of polish with a mixture of different glitters. There are eight different types of polishes to pick from. The glitters range from bar glitter to shards of glitter.

Some of these top coats are goopy and do not distribute the glitter fully, I have added the way each polish goes on with the descriptions. Each swatch is over a Sally Hansen Insta-Dri base.

Sea Salt-blue and gold mix of glitter with holographic shards-went on easy and evenly distributed

Candy Drop- pink matte hex glitter, small pink glitter ,small holo glitter and matte pink bar glitter-slight thick but glitter is evenly distributed

Splattered-matte pink hex glitter, black hex glitter, metallic gold shards, small red bar glitter and small gold glitter-goopy each stoke filled with glitter


Red White & Blue-red white and blue hex glitter in small and medium-slightly thick and you have to work with the bush to get glitter evenly distributed

Green Machine-matte green medium and small hex glitter, matte green bar glitter, and small holo glitter-went on smooth, glitter was evenly distributed


Sea Salt- small gold glitter with small gold hex glitter, small round blue glitter and gold shards-went on smooth and was evenly distributed


Paint Party-matt hex glitter and bar glitter in baby blue, peach and lime green-slightly thick but evenly distributed

Fruit Spritz-matte peach,light green and light pink hex glitter mixed with gold holo hex glitter-you really need to dig for and distribute the glitter

Painted nails are happy nails!


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