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Candy Corn Nails!

This is a simple Fall look, which I used four colors to create! The four colors used are Inspire (brown) by Revlon, Mai Tia Ask? (orange) Revlon, Midtown Mimosa (yellow) NYC and Hard to Get (white) Sally Hansen. The nail decals where purchased at my local Dollar store.

The two Revlon colors where given to me by Revlon read my reviews here and here, all other supplies where purchased by me.

To get this look:
1. Start by painting the ring finger white (one coat)
2. Paint the remaining nails brown
3. Take a makeup sponge and add a stripe of white, orange and yellow, then rock the sponge over the nail
4. Take a quick drying top coat and go over each nail
5. Add a nail decal to each brown nail

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Painted nails are happy nails!