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First Indie Polish!

Recently I made a purchase of my first Indie Nail Polish. I purchased three bottles from
Coated in Polish, Baby Boy Blue, Neon Bubble Gum and You’re So Square which was inspired by me! Jess was quick to reply to my email and order, I had the order in a few days and she sent a mini bottle of Peach Soup which is a nice addition to my mini collection.

Baby Boy Blue is a light blue base with a mix of neon green stars and square glitter, neon blue hex with a hot orange and silver mini hex.

Neon Bubble Gum is a bright pink base with gold squares mini hex glitter in neon pink, black and white, and neon blue hex glitter. I really love this color!

You’re So Square is a white base with two different size squares there are small metallic squares in gold, green and blue then a non metallic pink with a mix of larger squares in purple, neon green, and neon pink. Thank you Jess for making this square polish so quickly after my request for square glitter polish!

Peach Soup is a peach colored polish with mini yellow hex and a mix of larger hex in neon green, neon pink and orange.

Each swatch has Orly Ridge Filler for the base and three coats for each color and no top coat. The glitter in the polish does not catch on clothes or hair and layers well with each coat.

Make sure to check out Coated in Polish and make a purchase of these awesome Indie Polishes! Don’t forget to follow on Facebook!

Painted nails are happy nails!