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Crazy Shine!

I had a double nail break on my index finger and it is slowly growing back so I haven’t been painting the nails on my right hand to give the nail a rest. When Revlon sent polish they included a Revlon Diamond Collection File and a Crazy Shine Nail Buffer so instead of painting my nails I decided a good file and buff was in order.

I filed the longer nails down to a decent length with the Revlon Diamond Collection File. This file is wonderful; I have very strong nails so a wimpy file won’t cut it for me. I was able to quickly file and shape my nails all while being fashionable with the flashy glitter on one side of the file.

After filing the nails I used the Crazy Shine Nail Buffer to buff the nails and even them out to a nice smooth surface. After I buffed the nails I flipped the buffer over and used the top side to make the nails shine! I was pleasantly surprised by the shine it was a better shine then any buffing products I have used in the past.

I was able to buff and shine up my nails in only a few minutes! If you are looking for a low maintenance shine to your nails the Crazy Shine Nail Buffer is for you! Sorry I didn’t get a before shine photo!

Happy nails are painted nails!


This review is on Revlon Nail Art Expressionist. Revlon sent me two colors from this line to try out, Vincent Van Gold and Silhouette. There are 10 shades all together: Post Modern, Pastel Punk, Jackson Polish, Silhouette, Vincent Van Gold, Pinkasso, Nights & Degas, Ulterior Motif, Pop Art, and Monet Monet. All come with a base color with a regular brush and a complimenting art color with a skinny nail art brush.

I used two coats of the base color and then used the art brush to free hand the tips and stripe. The art brush and polish are very easy to work with, any beginner or pro nail lover can easily create a wonderful design on their nails with this product.

Overall, Expressionist has been my favorite out of the Revlon Nail Art Collection. I like the complimenting shades and the ease of use with the skinny nail art brush. The color combinations are a perfect fit and definitely allow you to express yourself.

Vincent Van Gold base

Vincent Van Gold with nail art!

Silhouette base

Silhoutte with nail art!

Happy nails are painted nails!


This review is on the Revlon Neon Art. Revlon sent me two colors to try, Laser Beam and High Voltage. The first color I tried was Laser Beam, I wore this color to work on Friday and a few of the responses were “wow neon!” or “wow those are some bright nails!” For those of you that want to make a statement in neon this collection is for you!

This collection has 10 shades, all come with a neon color and white base to make it pop! The color choices are Neon Light, High Voltage, Atomic Pink, Laser Beam, Pink Glow, Florescent, Hot Flash, Ultra Violet, Killer-Whatt and Amped Up.

I was curious to see what difference the white base made, on the High Voltage swatch the ring finger has no white base and the index finger has one coat of white base. I found that two coats of the white base are important for a smooth neon look.

Both swatches have two coats of color and no top coat.

High Voltage

Laser Beam

Happy nails are painted nails!

Moon Candy!

Nail mail: Revlon sent me some samples to try out. I was very excited to see they are from their new Revlon Nail Art collection. I have seen the displays popping up at local retailers and had been curious on how the nail polish looked. I received two of each collection: Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy, Revlon Nail Art Neon and Revlon Nail Art Expressionist.

This blog is about the Revlon Moon Candy, what a great idea and a jump on the Milky Way themed nail art. Revlon dares you to be cosmic and to “take your nails out-of-this-world.” This collection definitely does take your nails to the next dimension with a deep creamy dark base coat and a 3D iridescent top coat. There are ten color offerings: Moon Dust, Eclipse, Supernova, Orbit, Galactic, Milky Way, Satellite, Universe, Meteor and Cosmic.

For both colors I did 2 coats with the dark base coat, one would be enough but I like two coats. The color went on and dried quickly which was a nice surprise.

The first sample is Milky Way a dark grey base with a silver iridescent top coat.

The second sample is Galactic a very dark blue with a blue iridescent top coat. The third photo is one where I added some hints of white with a sponge then placed the top coat on to create a third dimensional cosmic look. (Please excuse the broken nail.)

I hope you enjoy these fun cosmic looks as much as I do! Be sure to check out your local retailer and pick some up today!

Happy nails are painted nails!

Mail Day

Happy Wednesday!

Today I finally received nail tape which was ordered from a seller on Amazon. The tape was ordered through a Chinese seller so I expected the delay in shipment.

When I came home from work the first thing I did was check out the tape color and tried it on my nails. I was happy with the ten colors that came, light pink, dark pink, gold, silver, blue, green, white, purple, red and copper.

I quickly added the tape to my already painted nails which is China Glaze Strawberry Fields. There was no pattern thought process, I just placed it on quickly then applied China Glaze Hanging in the Balance which is part of the Cirque Du Soleil collection over the tape and already painted nails.

Happy nails are painted nails!