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Sinful Colors Spring 2015 Love Sprinkles and Shamrockin!

Spotted at Walgreens two new displays by Sinful Colors, Flirt With Hearts and Kiss Me I’m Stylish! Both of these displays only have one new shade from previous years, and they are both a glitter top coat. In the new larger end cap display there were several new shades, I purchased a few of the new shades along with the two seasonal top coats.

In the Flirt With Hearts display there is a top coat called Love Sprinkles, this is a clear based top coat with a mix of small and medium white and light pink hex glitter and larger white hearts.

In the Kiss Me I’m Stylish display you will find green ocean, Innocent, Snow Me White, Mint Apple, All About You, Happy Ending, Pisctachio, and the new top coat Shamrockin. Shamrockin is a clear base with small and medium hex glitter in white and light green with larger white flowers.

A few ransom new shades on the end cap are Copper Pot, Rose Dust, and Beaches and Cream. I purchased all of these, Beaches and Creams is a pale yellow shade that is just a terrible polish, it is goopy and it streaks with lumps, it should be pulled from the shelves!

I would recommend purchasing all four of the below swatches.

Love Sprinkles-goes on thick and you’ll need to dig for hearts.

Shamrockin- goes on thick and you’ll need to dig for the flowers, I’m still confused why they aren’t shamrocks.

Copper Pot- a nice copper shade with shimmer, this is two coats.

Rose Dust- a light purple with shimmer, this is a thick polish and a one coat completes the look.



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Sinful Colors Jelly Polish

I purchased 3 jelly polishes found at Walgreens, I found them in the display from this texture blog. The colors are: Green With Envy, Mimosa, and Yellow Out There.

These jellies went on smooth, the easiest of any jelly polish I’ve ever applied! Each bottle has a mix of mini glitter bars and small round glitter. I was shocked by the ease to apply this polish and happy to see that the glitter in the polish came out evenly with each brush stroke.

With Walgreens having their .99 sale on Sinful Colors through June 7th, I definitely recommend picking these up.

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Green With Envy-blue with holographic, and gold bar glitter mixed with mini gold round glitter

Mimosa-Orange with red bar glitter mixed with small red round glitter

Yellow Out There- Yellow with holographic bar glitter and mini holographic round glitter

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Sinful Colors Textured Polish

While at Walgreen I spotted a large display for Sinful Colors, the display had repromotes, permanent colors, nail tattoos and a few new colors! I purchased 12 bottles 3 of which are a texture and seem to come from the Sinful Shine Crystal Crush Collection released in the Fall of 2013, however these are the standard $1.99 black top bottles. The three colors are Ruby Mine, Orange Crush and Face the Facets.

I am highly impressed with the formula and wear of this textured polish I would rank the quality right up there with Zoya Pixie Dust and OPI Liquid Sand. Word on the internet is that Walgreens will be having their .99 Sinful Colors sale June 1st – June 7th so I recommend you run to Walgreens and purchase these three must haves.

All three polishes went on smooth, dried fast and wore well. I wore Orange Crush for 5 days with no base ( gasp I never do that) or top coat (not needed unless you want the smooth ultimate glitter look) and had no chipping!

All swatches have two coats, photos taken outside, and look way better in person!

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Display- you can’t miss it!


Ruby Mine- a vibrant red with gold, some pink, and red shimmer

Orange Crush- had gold and orange shimmer

Facet the Facets- Bright yellow with yellow and gold shimmers

Painted nails are happy nails!




Sinful Colors Pride

While at Walgreens this weekend I spotted a new Sinful Colors called Pride, this is a glitter bomb filled with color. I’m a sucker for glitter so I purchased a bottle. The look will remind you of a few other brands such as Rainbow In the S-Klie from Nicole By OPI, or Piñata- Yada-Yada by Ulta, however Pride differs with much more and brighter glitter in the bottle.

The glitter ranges from small and large hex glitter in red, pink, gold, teal, and green. The swatch is over Sinful Colors Classified and has one coat of Pride with no top coat.

If you are looking for a glitter bomb to add to your collection then Pride is a must and at $1.99 a bottle it is totally worth it.

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Sinful Colors Glitzed and Glittered Holiday 2013

I purchased the six Sinful Colors that make up the Holiday 2013 Glitz and Glittered Collection. The six names are Top Me Off, Diamonds Are Forever, Gilded, Girls Best Friend, Silver Belle and 24 Karate. Since I am a fanatic for glittered nail polish these are a welcomed addition to my polish collection.

For the most part they can be worn alone or over a base color. Each swatch has at least two or more coats. All of these polishes look much better in person and was very hard to capture with the camera. None of these catch and do not feel like texture.

Be sure to check out the Sinful Colors Holiday Metallic’s here and the Tinsel and N’ice here.

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Top Me Off-If I had to pick a favorite this is it, the glitter dances in the sunshine!

Diamonds Are Forever-This is over a silver base color


Girls Best Friend

Silver Belle

24 Karate

Painted nails are happy nails!

Sinful Colors Holiday 2013 Collection Tinsel N’ice

I purchased seven new holiday polishes from Sinful Colors; this collection is called Tinsel and N’ice and can be found in the Decorate Decadently display at Walgreens. You can see the new Mirror Metallic’s here, which is also part of this display! The seven polishes in the Tinsel N’ice collection are Silver Rainbows, Tinsel Town, Pink Icicles,Cold As Ice, Gold Tinsel, Tinsel and Shine, and Spiked Ice.

For the swatches I placed a Sinful Colors polish as the base, each color will be noted with the swatch. The Tinsel N’ice will be great for top coats, an accent nail or part of nail art. The formula is a thick clear base with different colored tinsel like bar glitter; the only two that will not resemble Tinsel are Cold As Ice and Spiked Ice.

For a comparison of other bar glitters which I have blogged about you can check out my review here for Sally Hansen and here Salon Perfect.

I can see this collection being used for everyday or other Holidays as well! I have a favorite in this collection it is Tinsel and Shine,  a bar glitter party on your nails and is perfect for any celebration nail design!

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Silver Rainbows-Pink, purple and green glitter bars over Envy

Tinsel Town-Aqua and purple bar glitter over Sweet Tooth

Pink Icicles-Pink, white and black bar glitter over Sugar and Spice, think Valintines Day nails!

Cold As Ice-White bar glitter over Endless Blue-this combo reminds me of rain or a hail storm!

Gold Tinsel-Gold and copper bar glitter over Sugar Sugar

Tinsel and Shine-Gold, Pink, blue, copper and purple bar glitter over Sail La Vie

Spiked Ice-Black bar glitter over Cool Gray

Painted nails are happy nails!

New Mirror Metallic’s by Sinful Colors!

Today I purchased six new Metallic polishes from Walgreens. The six metallic’s came from an end cap display labeled Decorate Decadently. The six new metallic’s are called Red Eye, Triple Platinum, Pine Away, Purple Heart, Blue Steel and Gold Metal.

Like the other metallics from Sinful Colors these went on smooth, all swatches have two coats.

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Red Eye

Triple Platinum

Pine Away

Purple Heart

Blue Steel

Gold Metal

Painted nails are happy nails!

New Fall Sinful Colors!

I found six new polishes from Sinful Colors today! I found them at Walmart in the large display with the reissue and new Metallic’s which can be seen here.

The six colors which I purchased are:
Classified-slate with a hint if green
Yes Officer-blue
Sexy Spy- berry
Roaring-bluish grey

Four of the colors have names that seem to belong in the legal department! I did not care for the formula on Espionage and Tabac, they were thick and sticky to brush on, while the others went on very smooth. If you need a brown skip Tabac and go with Coffee which has been found at Walgreens, it is a much better formula. My two favorites in this collection are Sexy Spy and Yes Officer.

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Yes Officer




Painted nails are happy nails!

Halloween 2013 Sinful Colors!

I purchased Pumpkin Spice and Black Magic from the Walgreens Halloween 2013 display!

These two glitters are amazing; both have two coats over a clear base. If you wanted to add fall glitters to your collection these two are a must!

I have a lot of Sinful Colors glitters and I will say these are the two best out of all that I have used from this brand. I hope this is a new trend for them.

Pumpkin Spice: Orange and gold glitter.

Black Magic: Black jelly with black micro glitter and regular sized orange glitter.

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Painted nails are happy nails.


New Metal With Color and Reissue Metallic Sinful Colors!

Tonight at Wal-Mart I spotted a display on the end cap named Metal With Color. Five of these metallics are reissues from the Fall 2012 Hot Flash Metallic’s Collection. I own the collection but there are two new colors that caught my eye: Lingot and Dark Bronze. A quick Google search showed that they may be new to the US market but previously released in the European market.

Here is the top of the display:

A reminder of the colors in the original collection is: Moss Have, Gone Platinum, Zincing of You, Hot Hot Heat, Super Nova, Precious Metal, Heavy Metal and Hot Wired.

If you didn’t pick up the entire collection and wish you had here are the five reissues that are available in the display: Precious Metal, Moss Have, Heavy Metal, Hot Wired, and Super Nova


Dark Bronze

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Painted nails are happy nails!