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Salon Perfect Neon Texture!

A quick stop at a random Walmart on my way home the other day brought me to purchase a few of the Limited Edition Salon Perfect Neon Collision Nail Lacquers. The three I picked up are Shocked, Zapped and Kaboom. These retail for $3.98 each and are a Walmart exclusive.

The base coat is two coats of Orly Ridge Filler. Each color has two coats; the polish has a clear base and then colorful collision of mini glitter which dries with a texture.

If you are not a fan of textured polish this may not be for you, I will say that this texture isn’t as extreme as others.

Shocked is a neon pink and teal collision.

Zapped is a neon yellow and teal collision.

Kaboom is a neon green, yellow and teal collision.

Painted nails are happy nails.


Milani Texture!

While at my local Walgreens over the weekend I found a new collection from Milani, it is a Limited Edition Textured Cream Lacquer with a Matte finish. There are six colors one gray then five bright and vibrant colors: Spoiled In Fuchsia, Purple Streak, Shady Gray, Yellow Mark, Aqua Splash and Tainted in Red. The price was $3.99 each which is pretty reasonable considering OPI Liquid Sand Lacquer is retailing for $9.00 a bottle.

I test wore the polish and yup I chipped a nail, the good news is that a quick dab of color covers the chip and you can’t even notice due to the textured and Matte look. I did not wear a base or top coat; the colors go on fast and come of easy.

Spoiled In Fuchsia

Purple Streak

Shady Gray

Yellow Mark

Aqua Splash-My favorite of the six colors!

Tainted Red

Happy nails are painted nails!