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Limited Edition Glitter by Sinful Colors

Today while at Target I stumbled across three Limited Edition Sinful Colors Glitters!! I purchased them for $1.99 each.


The names are adorable: Listed left to right: Thats Elfed Up!, Sleigh My Name (Coffee shops do this often) and Santa Claws. Sinful Colors Glitter polishes are always on point and the right price which is why they are one of my favorite.


For the swatches I brushed on the first coat and sponged on the second, all have a top coat.


Santa Claws is a gold shimmer base with mixed sizes of hex glitter in both red and white.

Sleigh My Name is holographic base with mixed gold hex glitter and white stars, you will need to dig for the stars.

That’s Elfed Up! is a clear base with larger red and off white hex glitter with smaller round white and green glitter.

If you see these purchase them for yourself and to gift!

Painted nails are happy nails!




Sinful Colors No Text Red-1530

While at Bed, Bath & Beyond today I noticed a Sinful Colors display that only contained a top coat and a red polish called No Text Red #1530, the display wants you to paint your thumb nails red to help distracted drivers for everyone you love.

According to the Sinful Colors display they want you to use #notextred, to make this a social media phenomenon to become dedicated to the pledge and challenge of no texting and driving.

This initiative is fantastic and a great way to remind people of all ages to not text and drive, we all know cell phone use can distract drivers, lets spread the word and be a role model to no distractive driving.

Life is to precious not to pay attention!


Painted nails are happy nails!



Sally Hansen Tahiti Sunset Limited Edition Collection

I received six polishes from the Sally Hansen Tahiti Sunset Collection which is a Limited Edition Collection! The collection is part of the Triple Shine Nail Color and consist of three creams: Pink Coconut, Taheati, Seasational and three glitters: Changing Tides, Sparktacular, and Achipela-glow.

Some of these colors are close to permanent Triple Shine polishes however the solids are creams and the glitter is a jellie base. Sally Hansen wants you to visit an exotic color destination with this Limited Edition Collection and I definitely think you can reach that destination with any one of these polishes!

The polishes were set to launch in June but can be found in stores now, I stumbled upon them today at a Walgreens and a CVS. They retail for $4.99 per bottle.

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The glitters, yup you know I LOVE glitter polish but I can not stress that you must RUN not walk to purchase these glitters!!!

All three glitters are a jelly base packed with glitter that goes on amazingly smooth!

Sparktacular-orange jellie base with square teal glitter and a gold/orange glitter.

One coat

Two coats

Changing Tides-pink jelly base with square teal glitter and pink/silver glitter.

One coat

Two coats

Archipela-glow-teal jellie base with square teal hex glitter and teal/silver glitter.

One coat

Two coats

The solid polishes are creams each has two coats and is needed, my least favorite is Seasational the formula is just okay and it stains which makes me sad because it is a pretty color.


Taheati with Sparktacular

Pink Coconut

Pink Coconut with Changing Tides


Seasational with Archipela-glow

Painted Nails are happy nails!


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Surprise by China Glaze!

I purchased five new China Glaze Top Coat Glitters at Sally’s Beauty Supply last weekend during a BOGO sale. These chunky glitters are the Limited Edition Surprise! Collection new for Spring 2014! In the display there are five top coats to choose from, the top coats are hexagon glitters ranging from metallic fuchsia or purple to matte in light blue, pink, yellow, purple, green, peach, and black with a clear base.

As you all know I am a sucker for glitter so you can imagine my response when I spotted the display, it was a mouth dropping gasp for air moment, if you love nail polish you’ve been there do not deny it!


These polishes were made to layer over a base color; I used random solids for a base. There is no problem getting glitter out of the bottle or spreading the glitter over each nail.


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Glittered Up over NYC MoMa- is a matte light blue, light pink and peach with small hex glitter in black and metallic fuchsi

Don’t Be a Flake over China Glaze Sea spray-is a large hex glitter in metallic fuchsia, black and matte light blue.


Glimmer More over China Glaze Tree Hugger- matte peach, pink, yellow with smaller metallic fuchsia hex glitter.

I’m A Go Glitter over China Glaze Pelican Gray- small fuchsia hex glitter mixed with matte green and light blue.


Create a Spark over China Glaze White on White-small purple hex glitter with black and metallic hex glitter. The fuchsia looks a little bronze in this light.




Painted nails are happy nails!



Valentine’s Day Mini Mani Monday

For the spirit of Valentine’s Day I created this heart Mini Mani Monday! I used mini Sephora by OPI polishes and Mash Stamp #30.

On the pinkie and pointer finger I used a lovely red glitter, for the two center fingers I used a pale pink. On the middle finger I added a red and purple glitter accent line, then stamped the ring finger and the middle finger with a purple mini polish.

Love is in the air Mani!



Painted nails are happy nails!



L’Oreal Polish with Sally Hansen Top Coat!

Recently I purchased my first L’Oreal polish, both are jellies. One is a delicious purple called Berry Nice and the other is Wishful Pinking. I swatched both colors alone and then added a modified Sally Hansen Disco Ball with some LA Splash glitter as a top coat to each.

The L’Oreal polish is smooth goes on with no streaks and has three coats. Working with this polish is very easy. For the Sally Hansen I added some glitter from LA Splash and created a glorious top coat!

Wishful Pinking is a light pink that is perfect for anyone that works in a professional environment and can not wear bright nails; it would also be great to cover up stained nails.

Berry Nice is a delicious deep purple!

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Easy Fun French Manicures

For this blog I created two Fun French manicures, both are easy to do one just takes a little more time. I purchased all of the polish and supplies for these manicures. If you recreate the looks please share them on Facebook or tag me on Instagram @coolpolishblog.

Look one is made with two polishes and a glitter striper.

1. I painted the base with Orly Elation Generation which is a fun pink with glitter.
2. The tip is Sally Hansen Purple Pulse from their Complete Salon Manicure collection this is a lovely deep purple with shimmer, I used one stroke with the brush to add color to each tip.
3. The striper is a silver glitter called Glitter Lites by Nail Art, for the striper I went over where the pink and purple met.

Look two is made with two polishes and nail art decorations, this nail design takes a little longer due to the bead placement.

1. I painted the base with Diamond Dazzle by Milani
2. For the Tips I used Katy by Zoya, you can use manicure guides for nice smooth tips or Avery Reinforcement Labels, both of these items also help create half moon look nails so it is good to have both in your supply kit.
3. For the bead work I used white pearl nail art that I purchased at Claire’s Cosmetics, these items can also be purchased through Amazon. To place the beads I used a dotting tool, fast drying top coat and tweezers. I dotted each spot one at a time then added the bead work.

Painted nails are happy nails!

Nail Art with Sally Hansen, Julie and Revlon!

I have been playing around with some nail art designs; it has been fun and a learning experience. This blog is to show you the nail designs with instructions on how I made them so you can give it a try!

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Sally Hansen Color blocking. I took five Sally Hansen colors and randomly placed two colors on each of the nails using the brush that came with the polish, then for the green line I used my liner brush and covered over the connecting colors.

A liner brush can be purchased in a set or alone from local craft stores or on Amazon.

Julie half moons. I used two colors (Tangerine Dream and Sugar Rush) from the Julie Gum Drop texture collection. I picked these polishes up when they had the Groupon deal. These polishes are super fun and colorful. I painted each finger with polish let dry then took an Avery reinforcement label sticker and placed it on each nail then painted the tips a different color. I then used my dotting tool to add the dot towards the base.

Avery reinforcement labels can be purchased at Walmart for under $2.00 and the dotting tool came in a set which I purchased off Amazon.

Revlon hexagon sparkle! I used Revlon Sparkle Aplenty to paint my nails; this is a super fun color with small hexagons and glitter in the polish. For the ring finger I used hexagons from Martha Stewart, I placed the hexagons on by using my dotting tool, I dotted a small amount of topcoat on the nail for each hex placement then used the tool to place each shape.

Martha Stewart hexagons can be found at Michaels Craft stores in multiple colors.

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Painted nails are happy nails!

NYC, OPI and Sinful Colors Summer releases!

Over the weekend I ran to a Walgreens and a CVS, while out on my adventures I noticed three new summer 2013 launches for polish.

For OPI Nicole I came across some very cute neon sets of mini bottles called Notorious and Scandalous, I would love to add these minis for my Mini Mani Monday collection however I couldn’t bring myself to make the purchase. Each set came with a white for the base and then three bright colors.

For NYC I found the summer 2013 Rooftop Party collection, where NYC boasts “Two is always better than one!”  The collection has fun summer names such as Short Shorts. Each set came with a quick dry top coat and retailed for $1.99 each, CVS was having a sale buy one NYC get $1.00 off a second; I couldn’t resist this deal and purchased four colors.

The final release that I spotted was for Sinful Colors a summer 2013 Collection called Sail la Vie and another called Pool Side Polish. Most of the colors in both collections are reissues however there are a few which are new.

Painted nails are happy nails!!!!


Wet N Wild Coloricon Limited Edition Nail Polish

I purchased five bottles of the Wet N Wild Limited Edition Coloricon glitters; these were found at Walgreens on an end cap and were on sale for a $1.00 off. This collection was originally released in the fall of 2011 so this is a reissue on the Limited Edition.

I love glitter of all shapes, sizes and color, this collection not only delivers a variety of color but also a variety of glitters in each bottle.

It’s All In the Cut-A purple glitter with silver hex glitter, this has three coats.

Diamond In the Rough-A grey jelly like micro glitter with small round silver glitter, this has three coats and was my favorite of the five.

Back Alley Deals-A teal and purple glitter mix, this has three coats.

Cost Is No Issue-A teal jelly base with micro teal glitter with a mix of teal and gold round glitter. This has two coats I should have gone with three.

Rockin Rubies-A red micro glitter with silver hex glitter, this has three coats.

Painted nails are happy nails!