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Wet n Wild 2014 Holiday Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Polish

Today while at Walgreens I spotted Wet n Wild Holiday 2014 Mega Rocks Glitter Nailcolor. I found six shades in this collection and purchased two. Walgreens has Wet n Wild on sale for 25% off until the end of this month.

These polishes were found in the end cap display with a mix of old and new including 2014 Mega Rocks glitter, holiday eye shadow, and summer eye shadows.

The shades are all festive names packed full of glitter! The names are: Glitz the Night Away, Starlet in Scarlet, Rebel Without a Clause, The Snow Must Go On, Breakfast in Tinsletown, and It’s a Winterlife. I purchased Breakfast in Tinsletown, and It’s a Winterlife.

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The polish goes on smooth and, the glitter applies evenly.

Breakfast in Tinsletown- clear base with small, and gold glitter mixed with larger green hex. Swatch has two coats and no top coat.

It’s a Winterlife- a jelly base with teal, and holo hex glitter in different sizes. Swatch has three coats and no top coat.

Glitz the Night Away- clear base with a mix of medium sized hex glitter in teal, pink, and gold.

Starlet in Scarlet- clear base with medium red hex mixed with silver hex glitter in two sizes.

Rebel Without a Clause- this might be a light gold jelly base mixed with small hex glitter in bronze, and gold.


The Snow Must Go On- clear base with small glitter in light and dark purple, with medium purple glitter.

Some nail art with It’s a Winterlife, and I Need a Refreshment!

Painted nails are happy nails!




Wet n Wild Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Color

While at Walgreens the other day I purchased two of the newly launched Wet n Wild Mega Rocks nail polish, each bottle has a coupon for $1.00 off and normally retails for $2.99 each. I purchased Stick It To the Man, and At Will Call.

Both polishes are a glitter top coat, the bottle labels them as a Glitter Nail Color.

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Stick It To the Man caught my eyes because it has a mix of hex and square glitter. In the bottle the square glitter looks like a copper color but on the nail it is actually an iridescent color, the hex glitter is two sizes small and medium in a dark blue and teal.


At Will Call is a mix of small and medium hex glitter, the small hex is pink and the medium is purple, I really like the mix of these two glitters!


Painted nails are happy nails!



Wet n Wild Beauty Benefits Nail Polish

Last weekend I ran into my local Dollar Store to pick up some Reynolds Wrappers, I use these under my paper towel when painting my nails; they also come in handy with glitter removal and placing polish on it for nail art. While at the Dollar Store I spotted a bin of Wet n Wild Beauty Benefits nail polish!

I purchased seven bottles, three of which are jellies; all of the polishes have glitter in them either in the form of micro or small. There is one thing which threw me off and that was that none of the polishes have a name, so with my swatches I gave them a name.

This polish has a small brush, goes on quick and dries faster than expected!

Purple Passion-fools you with the look of the bottle but this polish is indeed a jelly!
purple passion

Marmalade-a jelly that is orange and has tons of glitter.

Cream Orange-also a jelly very much like Marmalade however… is creamier jelly and has less glitter.

Marmalade and Cream Orange look very similar on the nail but different in the bottle here is a side by side with Marmalade on the left and Cream Orange on the right.

Dolphin-this is a fun gray which sparkles from micro glitter, it reminds me of dolphins swimming in the Gulf. dolphin

Seas Salt-is a grayish green with micro glitter.
sea salt

Loyal Blue-very dark blue with micro glitter.

Salamander-deep orange with small glitter.

Painted nails are happy nails!

NYX and Wet n Wild Mini Sets!

While out running errands today I spotted two new mini sets, the first is by Wet n Wild, I spotted this at CVS for $4.99, the other set is by NYX which was found at Ulta and retails for $19.99.

The Wet N Wild set has eight of their Salon Color Best Sellers, with instructions on the back on how to create some nail art designs. I did not purchase this set as I have many of these colors in full size.

The NYX set is a real treat for me, I say this as I have never been able to find this brand of polish near me so this will be my first experience with NYX polish. There are several different sets, the one I purchased is NPSET06 which has 18 mini bottles, the set includes some nudes, metallics, glitters and some staple colors for the Holidays. I will be blogging more on this set shortly.

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Wet N Wild

Painted nails are happy nails!

Rudy-dolf by Wet n Wild Holiday Polish!

A few weeks ago I spotted this Holiday color mixed in with the Wet n Wild Halloween collection. It is called Rudy-dolf and is a nice shiny deep red with specks of glitter. I really like this red it will work in a professional setting for the season!

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Mini Mani Monday Memorial Day nails!

Today’s Mini Mani Monday is a Memorial Day edition! This mini edition was completed with red and white from a Wet N Wild Color Wave collection and a mini glitter blue from Orly, the stars are from one of Martha Stewarts glitter collections.

I started with two coats of white for the base coat, and then added some glitter blue over the ring finger. With a nail art brush I made the red stripes. Once the blue was dry I used my dotting tool and placed the iridescent stars all over my ring finger and then added a Seche Vite top coat to all nails.

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Wet N Wild Coloricon Limited Edition Nail Polish

I purchased five bottles of the Wet N Wild Limited Edition Coloricon glitters; these were found at Walgreens on an end cap and were on sale for a $1.00 off. This collection was originally released in the fall of 2011 so this is a reissue on the Limited Edition.

I love glitter of all shapes, sizes and color, this collection not only delivers a variety of color but also a variety of glitters in each bottle.

It’s All In the Cut-A purple glitter with silver hex glitter, this has three coats.

Diamond In the Rough-A grey jelly like micro glitter with small round silver glitter, this has three coats and was my favorite of the five.

Back Alley Deals-A teal and purple glitter mix, this has three coats.

Cost Is No Issue-A teal jelly base with micro teal glitter with a mix of teal and gold round glitter. This has two coats I should have gone with three.

Rockin Rubies-A red micro glitter with silver hex glitter, this has three coats.

Painted nails are happy nails!


Wet N Wild Color Wave = Mini Mani Monday!

As part of my Mini Mani Monday I used the pink set from the new Wet N Wild color Wave collection. I love pink on my nails so this collection is perfect for me! Due to time constraints I kept the Mini Mani simple using two of the six pinks from the collection. Be sure to check out the other Color Wave collection here.

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Pink Mini Mani Monday!

Happy nails are painted nails!


New Wet N Wild

Went to my local Walgreens last weekend and purchased two new colors from Wet N Wild. The colors are Punch It Up and Lava Brew both colors are a micro-shimmer which went on smooth and has two coats. This polish has the Manicure Pro Brush I am not a fan of this brush, but I am a fan of the polish!

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I did read in fine print on the end cap display that Wet N Wild will have a BOGO 50% off in the month of April so keep an eye out for upcoming sales and be sure to grab some of the new colors!

Punch It Up

Lava Brew

Painted nails are happy nails!

Deal of the week!

For those of you looking to get a good deal on polish this week be sure to check out Wet n Wild at Walgreens which is on sale for .99 cents through Saturday. I picked up six colors from the Megalast collection.

The usual price at Walgreens is $1.99 so 50% off is pretty nice. The collection has a Pro Brush called ManiCurve. I am not a fan of this brush even though the polish goes on fast and smooth there is just something that annoys me about this brush. I was very disappointed with one of the brushes as it was cut in a weird angle like the machine went haywire in the factory. I typically look at the brushes really well before buying any polish so shame on me for not catching it.

The six colors I picked up are: I Need a Refresh-Mint, Disturbia, Toxic Apple, Through the Grapevine, Break the Ice and White and Stormy. White and Stormy is a clear halo glitter that I used as an accent top coat. All colors swatches have a base coat and two coats of color.

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Need a Refresh-Mint


Toxic Apple

Through the Grapevine

Break the Ice

Painted nails are happy nails!