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NYC Strip Me OFF Base Coat

NYC sent me this product to review! I am a huge fan of the NYC Quick Dry Top Coat so when I heard they came out with the Strip Me Off Base Coat I just had to try it!!

The Strip Me Off Base Coat is for easy removal of a manicure including glitter using no nail polish remover. The product goes on white but dries quick and transparent.

Since this product intrigued me I wanted to test it with several different types and brands of polish on both manicures and a pedicure. I was impressed when a cream polish came right off with no residue, I then tested a glitter polish on a manicure I wore for five days, I had no chips and when I went to peel it off the glitter came off very easily, I actually did this in front of two coworkers who didn’t believe but wanted to, they were so impressed with the removal of the glitter polish they sat there stunned. I then tried this on my pedicure with PixieDust gasp I used a base coat with PixieDust!!  The pedicure wore for over a week and came right off when I gently peeled the polish away!

For those that follow me on Instagram: coolpolishblog, Facebook or Twitter: Cool Polish then you know how much I ADORE glitter polish, with that being said go out and purchase this base coat, it retails for $1.99 and can be found at most drugstores. This product is a fraction of the cost compared to OPI Glitter Off Pealable Base which retails for $9.00 and is owned by the same company!


Painted nails are happy nails!




Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel for Fall 2013!

Revlon sent me three Parfumerie Nail Enamels to review.  The collection is made up of 24 scented colors in a variety of finishes from creams to glitters and is divided into 3 fragrance and color families; Fruits & Florals for exotic and fruity fragrance notes in vibrant, punchy shades; Sweets & Spices for woody, spicy fragrance notes in deep, rich shades and Freshes, for crisp, clean scents in light and airy shades.


Fruits & Florals                       Sweets & Spices                     Freshes

African Tea Rose                    Autumn Spice                         Beachy

Apricot Nectar                         Balsam Fir                              Fresh Linen

China Flower                          Bordeaux                                Lavender Soap

Ginger Melon                         Chocolate Truffle                    Powder Puff

Lime Basil                              Espresso                                 Sunlit Grass

Orange Blossom                    Italian Leather                         Surf Spray

Pink Pineapple                       Moonlit Woods                        Tropical Rain

Wild Violets                            Spun sugar                              Wintermint


These shades go on smooth and provide a light fragrance that lasts all day! There are so many vibrant, shiny fragrant colors to choose from that there is one for each mood and personality!


I love this little bottle and the brush is my FAVORITE! I have always been a fan of the Revlon brush it always makes me happy when applying nail polish! Previously I reviewed Wintermint here and fell in love with the line; Revlon sent me Spun Sugar, Moonlit Woods and Autumn Spice to review.


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Spun Sugar- A silver metallic, I was not happy with the results of this polish, I tried it with two different clear base coats and came up with bubbles each time, this makes me sad because the fragrance is just right for the name and polish color. This polish did go on smooth!

Moonlit Woods- A purple metallic and much like the Spun Sugar I was not satisfied with the end result of the polish as this had bubbles too even though it went on smooth!

Autumn Spice-My favorite of the three a deep burgundy with micro gold glitter, this really is autumn wrapped up in color and fragrance!

Painted nails are happy nails!


The product samples were given to Cool Polish for editorial purposes. The product samples came from one of the following: directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on www.coolpolish.com are the truthful opinion of its author and are not persuaded by the manufacturer in any way.

#31DC2013 Day 11 Polka Dots!

I love manicures with polka dots they are so fun! For this look I used Sinful Colors (I purchased) Whipped (black) High Strung (neon yellow) and Ablaze (pink) then topped it off with Revlon’s Matte top coat. (press sample)

To get this look:

1. Start with a black base coat (two coats)
2. Use two different sized dotting tools add random dots of color on the nails, I alternated the larger dot colors to spice it up!
3. complete the look with Revlon’s Matte top coat

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Matte Polka!

Painted nails are happy nails!

#31DC2013 Day 10 Gradient!

This look was created with Zoya nail polish that I purchased. I used Sweet (pink) and Kieko (purple) with quick dry top coat Out the Door in silver from Northern Lights.

To get the look:

1. Started with a light colored base coat let it dry completely
2. Place the polish on a makeup sponge
3. To apply the polish rock the sponge back and forth on your nails
4. Top off with a quick dry top coat
5. Clean up the skin around the nails

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Painted nails are happy nails!

#31DC2013 Day Five Blue!

I didn’t have much time today for nail art so I kept this manicure challenge simple by painting my nails with Blueberry Fizz from the JulieG Frosted Gumdrop Collection. I picked up the 6 color collection over the summer off Groupon.

If you missed the last Groupon deal for this collection it is back on! You can get all six colors for $12.99 plus shipping! If you do not have these in your collection I would HIGHLY recommend going to Groupon and purchase these!

Blueberry Fizz-a light blue textured glitter, blueberries have never been this delicious!

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Painted nails are happy nails!

New NYC Disco Inferno!

While at my local CVS this weekend I spotted the new NYC display Called Disco Inferno. This is another collection of makeup and polish from NYC. The four polishes available in this collection are Boogie Nights, Flash Back, Lets Groove and a Top Coat called Disco Inferno, the three polishes are part of the In a New York Minute Quick Dry collectio. I picked up the Disco Inferno top coat and Lets Groove.

The Disco Inferno top coat definitely lives up to its name with a mix if blue and silver glitter, small hex glitter in silver and blue with a slightly larger silver hex glitter.

Lets Groove is a dark purple that of course dries fast, I Love this color it goes on so smooth and it doesn’t stain!

Disco Inferno is painted over a blue polish and has two coats.This photo does not capture the beauty of the disco dancing on my nails!

Lets Groove is two coats.

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Painted nails are happy nails!

#31DC2013 Day four Green!

Day four is the color green; I seem to have a lot of green glitter and not much selection in green solid polish, probably because greens stain my nails regardless of the base coat I use so I tend to stay away from them.

This look was made with Essie Navigate Her (two center fingers) and Zoya Rina (two end fingers) then stamped with Wet N Wild Lavender Crème; the stamp is from Mash, it is plate #45. I topped the look off with my favorite glitter top coat Out the Door by Northern Lights.

To get this look:
1. Start with a good base coat
2. Paint the two center fingers green with two coats
3. Paint two end fingers with green glitter
4. Stamp the two middle fingers
5. Add Northern Lights Out the Door top coat

Flower Power:

Painted nails are happy nails!

#31DC2013 Day Three Yellow!

For day three of #31DC2013 I created nail art with Fing’rs flower nail art over a yellow base. This look is a little out of my element, but hey isn’t this a challenge to improve and try different nail art?

To get this look:

1. Start with a good base coat
2. Paint the nails with two coats of Milani Lemongello
3. Using a green striper brush create two lines on each nail one shorter than the other, then add a few leaves to the stem.
4. Use a fast drying top coat (I used Seche Vite) and place a small dot above the stem add a flower then repeat!

Flower Bed Nails:

I picked up the Fing’rs flower nail art at Walmart.

Painted nails are happy nails!

#31DC2013September 31 Day Nail Challenge!

I decided to give the Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge a try! With a month off from my
Masters program I will be able to complete the challenge and improve my nail art skills!

If you plan on participating in the challenge check out Chalkboard Nails for full details!

Day 1 is the color Red, not my favorite color so my polish choices where limited. What I used was Milani Tainted in Red (a textured polish) and Zoya Carmen.

To get this look:
1. Start with a good base coat
2. Paint four nails with the Textured polish (two coats)
3. Paint the ring finger
4. While the ring finger is still tacky add three colored rhinestones using tweezers (I used Iron-On Rhinestones which I purchased from JoAnne Fabrics.)

Are you going to join in this challenge? Is so feel free to share your art work on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram @coolpolishblog

Red NailsDay 1!

Painted nails are happy nails!

Fall 2013 Sally Hansen Limited Edition Xtreme Wear Glitter Polish

Here are two more swatches of the Sally Hansen Limited Edition Glitter polish for Fall 2013. I LOVE this collection so much! I have always been a fan of Sally Hansen and can honestly say they perfected this collection!
These two swatches are Sea-ly String and Confetti Punch. Both are fun and packed full of glitter!

For a base I used Sally Hansen Maximum Strength base coat, both have three coats of polish and no top coat, and for those wondering NO it does not get caught in hair or on clothes! I have hair to the middle of my back and have had no problems with this collection as of yet!

Sea-ly String is a jelly blue base with a mix of small and large regular and hex glitter in black, silver and blue with black bar glitter. this photo does no justice for the polish!

Confetti Punch is a jelly base that is rose in color and its packed full of mini pink glitter then multi sized hex glitter in blue, gold and pink.

Have you found these glitter perfections yet? If so be sure to share your photos on Facebook or instagram @coolpolishblog.

Painted nails are happy nails!