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New L’Oreal Chateau Royale By Coloure Riche

While at Bed Bath & Beyond I spotted a new Display from L’Oreal called L’Oreal Chateau Royale By Coloure Riche, a wine inspired collection, the display states: Escape to Bordeaux in 7 vintage shades. In my opinion the shades and the names couldn’t be more perfect.

There are seven shades: (left to right in display photo)  Vineyard Blush, Wine Spriter, High spirits, Pinot Purple, Wicked Wine, Sangria Spalsh and, Pass the Vino.


I purchased four of the seven, which retail for $4.99 each, I did not have my Bed Bath & Beyond coupon with me or I would have purchased all seven.

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The three I did not purchase:

Vineyard Blush- a very pale pink

Sangria Splash

Pass the Vino

The four I purchased: All have two coats and go on smooth, Wicked Wine and Pinot Purple stain so be sure to wear a base coat and, watch around the cuticles! I would recommend any from this collection.

Wine Spritzer

High Spirits

Pinot Purple

Wicked Wine

Added Bonus of nail art

Painted nails are happy nails!




Pure Ice New Hue Collection

Pure Ice™ sent me the New Hue Collection which is eight new shades, that includes three color tints with glitter, and a matte top coat, this collection is sure to add a little bit of grit, and lots of glam to your nail collection.

The collection has eight shades: Doll Face – a soft crème peach, Flawless – a frosted light gold with a metallic finish, Poppin’ Bottles – silver pearl with silver hex glitter and a gold iridescent finish, What’s the Splatter clear with white and black hex glitter, Blue Hue – blue glitter hint, Pure Haze – purple glitter hint, Rosy Glow – pink glitter hint, Frost Finish – mattifying top coat.

I will do a separate blog with the three color tints and matte top coat.

This collection can be purchased at Walmart for $1.97 per bottle.

I already use Black Out and other Pure Ice shades for stamping so it is nice to add Flawless to the can stamp list.

Each swatch has two coats, the formula Doll Face was much better than I anticipated, however this isn’t my favorite shade of the collection. Flawless is just okay, I’m a little over frosted metallics, but if you are looking for one at an affordable price then this shade is for you.

My favorite is Poppin Bottles, this is a must purchase shade. I absolutely love this shade for several reasons: it’s so easy to apply, has glitter, sparkles like a glass of champagne, it is a fantastic silver pearl with a gold iridescent finish, and it nice to stamp on.

When I receive product to review it is typically test worn, these polishes held up to my test of a daily morning workout, daily office environment, and dish duty at home. I wore Poppin Bottles for five days and never received a chip.

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Doll Face

Doll Face using Flawless to stamp
Flawless with What’s the Splatter
Poppin Bottles
Poppin Bottles stamped with Black Out (I purchased)

Painted nails are happy nails!



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Sally Hansen Create & Ornate Royal Statements-Limited Edition Polish

I purchased six of the eight Limited Edition Polishes from the Create & Ornate Royal Statements Collection. This collection has a black nail art pen, a white and silver nail art polish, four Matte Effect, and four Glitter Effect polishes which are the Xtreme Wear polishes.

This display was found at CVS and were purchased as a buy one get one 50% off.

Here is a picture of the display:

I purchased the four Matte Effects: Chain Mail, Wax Poetic, Blue Blood, and Royal Shyness, then two of the four Glitter Effects: Mind Your Manors, and Court Jest, I did take photos of the other two (photos below) and they are called Rogue Red, and Family Jewels. Rogue Red is much like Rouge Rush just with more red than pink.

The Mattes reminded me of the Quick Dri Matte, click here for swatches, however these went on much easier and has the brush which I like. Each swatch has two coats.

The Glitter Effects are all a mix of shard glitter, these swatches have one coat and went on smooth, the top coat is thin unlike recent glitter top coats from Sally Hansen.

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Chain Mail

Wax Poetic-This will be great for Halloween

Blue Blood

Royal Shyness-perfect for the upcoming Holiday season

Mind Your Manners-a mix of gold, blue and green shard glitter

Court Jester-a mix of blue and green shard glitter

Rogue Red-a mix of red, pink and silver shard glitter

Family Jewels-a mix of blue and silver shard glitter

Painted nails are happy nails!



NYC Fashion Queen-Limited Edition

I purchased the new Limited Edition Fashion Queen Collection from CVS, the display had a $1.00 off coupon and were buy one get one 50% off, I purchased the entire collection for under $6.00.

There are nine shades in this collection, four jelly based Glitters: Ruby Queen, NY Princess, Blue Majesty, and Queen’s Jewels, two glitter based shades: Rule the City, and Fashion Queen and then three In a New York Color Minute formula: Royal Chic (jelly), Crown Gold (shimmer), and New York Color (shimmer).  All six glitters are labeled Crystal Couture.

These are not textured polishes they are simply glitter polishes.

For this blog I am going to focus on the four jelly based shades, these have two coats, went on smooth, dried fast and do not have a top coat, the formula is amazing!

Ruby Queen-red based jelly with medium Pink holo glitter and mini red glitter.

NY Princess-purple jelly with medium purple holo glitter and mini purple glitter.

Blue Majesty-teal jelly with a mix of medium and small light and dark teal glitter.

Queen’s Jewels-green jelly with a mix of medium and small light and dark green glitter.

I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE these glitters, they are a must have in the collection, so if you are a polish fan or you know someone who is get out and make a purchase, if you can only grab a few definitely pick up NY Princess, and Ruby Queen they are at the top of my favorites in this grouping.

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Painted nails are happy nails!



Maybelline Veil Details-Textured Top Coats!

Today I purchased two of the new top coats from the Maybelline Veil Details Collection, I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond for $2.99 per bottle. There are five top coats to choose from from left to right starting at the top: Crystal Disguise, Rose Mirage, Blue Glaze, Amethyst Aura, and Teal Beam.

Maybelline states on the display that these top coats are textured, after viewing Crystal Disguise this does not look like a texture but an iridescent smooth top coat, but all others seem like they could be a slight texture.

I purchased Teal Beam and Amethyst Aura. Teal Beam has two coats and Amethyst Aura has one coat. I like how smooth both formulas are, each brush stroke evenly delivers glitter.

These are top coats and will work with any base color combination, they do provide a slight texture but not the typical texture feel. If you pick at your nail with the traditional textures you may not pick with these since the texture is slight.

Teal Beam-small hex matte glitter in light blue and green, seemed to offer the most texture out of all.

Amethyst Aura-small glitter mixed with small hex glitter.

Painted nails are happy nails!



Sinful Colors Textured Polish

While at Walgreen I spotted a large display for Sinful Colors, the display had repromotes, permanent colors, nail tattoos and a few new colors! I purchased 12 bottles 3 of which are a texture and seem to come from the Sinful Shine Crystal Crush Collection released in the Fall of 2013, however these are the standard $1.99 black top bottles. The three colors are Ruby Mine, Orange Crush and Face the Facets.

I am highly impressed with the formula and wear of this textured polish I would rank the quality right up there with Zoya Pixie Dust and OPI Liquid Sand. Word on the internet is that Walgreens will be having their .99 Sinful Colors sale June 1st – June 7th so I recommend you run to Walgreens and purchase these three must haves.

All three polishes went on smooth, dried fast and wore well. I wore Orange Crush for 5 days with no base ( gasp I never do that) or top coat (not needed unless you want the smooth ultimate glitter look) and had no chipping!

All swatches have two coats, photos taken outside, and look way better in person!

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Display- you can’t miss it!


Ruby Mine- a vibrant red with gold, some pink, and red shimmer

Orange Crush- had gold and orange shimmer

Facet the Facets- Bright yellow with yellow and gold shimmers

Painted nails are happy nails!




Zoya Monet Special Effect Topper

While at Ulta the other day I spotted the new Zoya Monet top coat, since I’m a sucker for glitter and Zoya I purchased a bottle!

The Zoya website states Monet is a multi-colored cellophane holographic special effect topper. We’ve seen holographic toppers before but this one is a little different due to the multi-color cellophane.

This base is a sheer pink which does go well over any color. The formula is thick and can be challenging to work with. The swatches below have one thick coat. If you have the time and patience then I recommend purchasing this topper otherwise save the $10.00.

Zoya Yummy with Monet

Zoya Vanessa with Monet

Painted nails are happy nails!




Miss Denim Nail Polish by L’Oreal

Over the weekend I spotted the Limited Edition Miss Denim Nail Polish from L’Oreal. This collection has six polishes from left to right in the display photo: Vintage Rose, indigo Classique, Skinny Jeans, Blue my Mind, Distressed Tourqoise, and Jean & Tonic.

Two were purchased by me at Bed Bath & Beyond for $4.99 each.

The display stated this is a distressed finish rock chick look. This polish is a texture so if you do not like textured polish stay away! The color choices are nice but we’ve seen this look before from Milani, Sally Hansen, and Revlon. If you missed out on locating the other Limited Edition textures then go pick a few up.

The polish is easily applied and each swatch has two coats over a clear base coat.

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Vintage Rose

Jean & Tonic

Painted nails are happy nails!



Revlon Haute Rocks Limited Edition Collection!

I purchased four of the eight Revlon Haute Rocks Pebbled Nail Enamel Collection. This is a Limited Edition Collection that is packed full of glitter mixed with a matte base. Revlons Global Trend Team states that the collection is a ” 3D matte sparkle inspired by exotic pebbled beaches.”

I spotted this display at Walgreens and Bed Bath & Beyond, each bottle retails for $4.99.

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The collection has a matte top coat which can also be found in the permanent display. The colors are: form left to right: Balinese Bay, Brazilian Beach, Moroccan Oasis, Tahiti Coast, Carribean Cove, Seychelles Sand, Lana’i Lagoon, and Mayan Riviera. These polishes are a texture so if you are not a fan of textured polish stay away!

If you follow my blog you know I’m a sucker for glitter polish, recently I’ve been let down by a few purchases and was a little reluctant to pick these up based off the look when I opened the bottle (I always look at the condition of the brush before making a purchase) but was intrigued by the glitter packed into each bottle. Needless to say I was very satisfied with the polish, all four went on smooth has two coats and makes me smile! If you see these I definitely recommend picking up one or two as they are great for a complete manicure or accent fingers for nail art.

Balinese Bay- a mix of hex glitter in three sizes a larger hex in bright pink with smaller hex in black and bright pink, mixed with smaller hex in silver and purple!

Lana’i Lagoon-slight blue base with large light blue hex glitter with medium hex in blue and green then a mix of small hex in blue and silver.

Mayan Riviera- large hex glitter in bright pink, light blue, orange, silver and gold mixed with medium hex in green, bright pink, orange, silver and gold, then a mix of small green and gold hex!

Moroccan Oasis- slight grey base with large hex glitter in lime green, blue and, silver-pinkish hex then small lime green hex mixed with tiny blue hex!

Painted nails are happy nails!



New Revlon Electric Chrome Collection-Amazing Spider-Man 2!

While at Ulta today I found the Revlon Limited Edition Electric Chrome Collection! This collection has it’s own display that includes limited edition lip gloss! The display states that the limited edition shades where inspired by the years hottest film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which premiers May 2cd in the US.

There are six Chrome polishes: Electricfied Web, 1000 Volts, I’m Electric, Super Powered, Gwen’s Crush and Spidey Sense! The display claims the shades have glowing glass pearls for a luminous look, I would definitely agree!


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Close up of polish! Check out the spider web on those tops!


I picked out Electrified Web, and Gwen’s Crush both have two coats and no top coat! Both of these are gorgeous and highly recommended!
Electrified Web is an orange with copper and gold hints!




Gwen’s Crush is a fushia violet combo!





Painted nails are happy nails!