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L’Oreal Dark Sides of Grey by Colour Riche Collection!

Spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond is a new Polish Collection by L’Oreal, this collection is a mix of creams, foil, glitter textures and a holographic polish. Each bottle retails for $4.99.

Creams: Aux Chandelles, Grey Corset.

Textures: Caution Please, Totally D’Accord, Bad Boy Grey, Power Potion.

Holographic: Masked Affair

Foil: Miss Grey.

I purchased three of the textures, the foil, and the holo! The textures are packed full of glitter and look a little darker on the nail then the bottle, each swatch has two coats. The texture is slightly smoother than most textured, but if you can not stand texture polish skip these four and go straight for the holo and foil!

The swatches were photographed outside.


Bad Bad Grey- black based polish with tons of silver glitter

Caution Please-silver base with silver glitter, could have used three coats

Totally D’Accord- my favorite shade out of the textures- a dark green/blue base with silver and darker glitter mix, this looks way better in person
Masked Affair- typical holo with more lavender in it, if you need a holo get this!
Miss Grey- love love love this shade
Painted nail are happy nails!









Sally Hansen Limited Edition Color Foil Collection

Sally Hansen sent me the Limited Edition Color Foil Nail Makeup Collection. This is another collection found in the Summer 2014 Limited Edition I Heart Nail Art Liquid Mani-A Collections. Click Glitter  or Matte for more swatches from the summer collection.

There are eight shades to choose from, for this blog I am reviewing Titanium Flush, Purple Alloy, and Cobalt Chrome. There has been a lot of questions floating around on this foil collection such as do these stamp and how long does the shine last, I not only swatched but also test wore this polish to answer these questions.

The finish on this polish is a metallic mirror like finish which means every imperfection on your nails will show so be sure to buff up the nails before using this collection.

When using this polish you do not apply a base or top coat and you will need two coats for the perfect look. The polish goes on quick, make sure to take excess polish off the brush prior to application, the polish will dry fast so there isn’t a long wait time to add that second coat. The polish does come out of the bottle looking streaky (make sure to shake well) but it does fade as the polish dries.

I test wore Cobalt Chrome for two days at the office, gym and normal daily wear and was pleasantly surprised that the polish did not fade like OPI Push and Shove did. The polish does eventually receive a few wear spots but nothing a quick touch up can’t resolve.

Does it stamp? Yes it does however not every shade is like the other! Purple Alloy and Titanium Flush stamped very easily however Colbalt Chrome gave me a little push back and I think it is only because it dried quicker.

This collection is a high maintaince type of polish for several reasons, one you really need to buff those nails, two you will need touch ups every few days for extended wear. I will only recommend this polish if you do not mind the extra maintaince and you enjoy a chrome look on the nails!

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Cobalt Chrome

Titanium Flush


Purple Alloy


Painted nails are happy nails!



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