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Limited Edition Glitter by Sinful Colors

Today while at Target I stumbled across three Limited Edition Sinful Colors Glitters!! I purchased them for $1.99 each.


The names are adorable: Listed left to right: Thats Elfed Up!, Sleigh My Name (Coffee shops do this often) and Santa Claws. Sinful Colors Glitter polishes are always on point and the right price which is why they are one of my favorite.


For the swatches I brushed on the first coat and sponged on the second, all have a top coat.


Santa Claws is a gold shimmer base with mixed sizes of hex glitter in both red and white.

Sleigh My Name is holographic base with mixed gold hex glitter and white stars, you will need to dig for the stars.

That’s Elfed Up! is a clear base with larger red and off white hex glitter with smaller round white and green glitter.

If you see these purchase them for yourself and to gift!

Painted nails are happy nails!




L’Oreal Dark Sides of Grey by Colour Riche Collection!

Spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond is a new Polish Collection by L’Oreal, this collection is a mix of creams, foil, glitter textures and a holographic polish. Each bottle retails for $4.99.

Creams: Aux Chandelles, Grey Corset.

Textures: Caution Please, Totally D’Accord, Bad Boy Grey, Power Potion.

Holographic: Masked Affair

Foil: Miss Grey.

I purchased three of the textures, the foil, and the holo! The textures are packed full of glitter and look a little darker on the nail then the bottle, each swatch has two coats. The texture is slightly smoother than most textured, but if you can not stand texture polish skip these four and go straight for the holo and foil!

The swatches were photographed outside.


Bad Bad Grey- black based polish with tons of silver glitter

Caution Please-silver base with silver glitter, could have used three coats

Totally D’Accord- my favorite shade out of the textures- a dark green/blue base with silver and darker glitter mix, this looks way better in person
Masked Affair- typical holo with more lavender in it, if you need a holo get this!
Miss Grey- love love love this shade
Painted nail are happy nails!









Sally Hansen Patent Gloss & Luxe Lace Nail Color

Today while at Bed Bath & Beyond I spotted two new Sally Hansen Collections Velvet Texture, Patent Gloss & Luxe Lace Nail Color. See blog here on the Velvet Collection.

Each bottle retails for $4.99, There are six shades to choose from (sorry I didn’t grab the shade names! ) three in the Patent Gloss (beige,black, and red) and three in the Luxe Lace clear base with multi sized hex glitter( white, light blue with white, and light pink with white) I purchased a bottle of the Luxe Lace Crochet shade which is a clear base with multi sized hex glitter in white and light blue.

Sally Hansen states that these collections are ” Stylish, New Fabric-Inspired Special Effects” and they want you to “Nail the look with Patent Gloss Vinyl and Luxe Lace Eyelet”.

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Here is a picture of the display!

Here is a swatch!

Painted nails are happy nails!




Wet n Wild 2014 Holiday Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Polish

Today while at Walgreens I spotted Wet n Wild Holiday 2014 Mega Rocks Glitter Nailcolor. I found six shades in this collection and purchased two. Walgreens has Wet n Wild on sale for 25% off until the end of this month.

These polishes were found in the end cap display with a mix of old and new including 2014 Mega Rocks glitter, holiday eye shadow, and summer eye shadows.

The shades are all festive names packed full of glitter! The names are: Glitz the Night Away, Starlet in Scarlet, Rebel Without a Clause, The Snow Must Go On, Breakfast in Tinsletown, and It’s a Winterlife. I purchased Breakfast in Tinsletown, and It’s a Winterlife.

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The polish goes on smooth and, the glitter applies evenly.

Breakfast in Tinsletown- clear base with small, and gold glitter mixed with larger green hex. Swatch has two coats and no top coat.

It’s a Winterlife- a jelly base with teal, and holo hex glitter in different sizes. Swatch has three coats and no top coat.

Glitz the Night Away- clear base with a mix of medium sized hex glitter in teal, pink, and gold.

Starlet in Scarlet- clear base with medium red hex mixed with silver hex glitter in two sizes.

Rebel Without a Clause- this might be a light gold jelly base mixed with small hex glitter in bronze, and gold.


The Snow Must Go On- clear base with small glitter in light and dark purple, with medium purple glitter.

Some nail art with It’s a Winterlife, and I Need a Refreshment!

Painted nails are happy nails!




2014 Snowman Polishes

Recently I took a trip to New England and of course while there I had to check out a Rite Aid where I found some cute Holiday Polishes in Snowman form.

Each bottle retails for $4.99 the shades range from solid cream shades in blue, mint, pink to shades with shimmer and then glitter packed shades!

I purchased one bottle of glitter, it has small green and red hex glitter with large white hex glitter. The polish goes on smooth and the swatch has two light coats.

Fellow blogger Nouveau Cheap made a post here on her find be sure to check it out!



Painted nails are happy nails!



Maybelline Polished Jewels Textured Top Coat

While at Bed Bath and Beyond I spotted a new display called Polish Jewels by Maybelline. Maybellines display stated these are textured top coats. The display has five top coats Gleaming Graphite, Mosaic Prism, Precious Pearl, Platinum Adorn, and Gilded In Gold.

These top coats are packed full of glitter or flakes and cost $2.99 per bottle. I would only count them as textured because they can be rough as a top coat alone.


Gleaming Graphite-chunky graphite colored flakes. Mosaic Prism-a multi sized and colored glitter.

Precious Pearl- multi sized hex glitter. Platinum Adorn-platinum bar glitter.

Gilded In Gold-gold flakes

Here is a swatch of Precious Pearl, it has two coats and a must buy out of this collection!

Painted nails are happy nails!







Sinful Colors Pride

While at Walgreens this weekend I spotted a new Sinful Colors called Pride, this is a glitter bomb filled with color. I’m a sucker for glitter so I purchased a bottle. The look will remind you of a few other brands such as Rainbow In the S-Klie from Nicole By OPI, or Piñata- Yada-Yada by Ulta, however Pride differs with much more and brighter glitter in the bottle.

The glitter ranges from small and large hex glitter in red, pink, gold, teal, and green. The swatch is over Sinful Colors Classified and has one coat of Pride with no top coat.

If you are looking for a glitter bomb to add to your collection then Pride is a must and at $1.99 a bottle it is totally worth it.

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Painted nails are happy nails!