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Milani Fierce Foil 2015 Nail Polish!

I purchased the new Milani Fierce Foil Collection at CVS, this collection is part of the Milani 2015 Fierce Foil Collection which includes some amazing eyeliner, shadows and nail polish. Check out Nouveau Cheaps blog for more details on the makeup.

The polish retails for $3.99 per bottle, the display states “the look of foil in just one step” this collection has six delicious shades: Capri, Venice, Florence, Milan, Sardinia, and Rome.

Each swatch has two coats, goes on smooth and has a sparkle which is eye catching. I would recommend purchasing a few, my favorites are Capri, and Venice.

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Capri- bright pink with gold flecks
Venice-a lovely blue with gold flecks mixed with pink shimer
Florence- medium green with gold fleck, I’m typically not a green fan for polish but I do like this shade
Milan-gold foil glitter, if you need a gold glitter for the collection then you MUST purchase this one
Sardinia-clear base gold flecks mixed in a light glitter base
Rome- a light purple with gold flecks
Painted nails are happy nails!





18K Gold Hardener & Gel Shine 3D Top Coat by Sally Hansen!

Sally Hansen has launched a new top and bast coat! Today I found the two new items and a cuticle eraser at CVS. I purchased both the Hardener and top coat, continue reading for details and price.

18K Gold Hardener is a .33 fluid once bottle that retails for $7.29, this is a strengthening base according to the package the real 18K gold shield locks in moisture & strengthens nails. How it works: The formula instantly hardens & fortifies nails to prevent breaking, chipping & splitting. It has gold flakes in two colors, and can be worn alone or under the nail color.

Gel Shine 3D Top Coat which is an instant Gel shine & volume with no light, the package states that it goes on thick and dries quick. The bottle is a cube .45 fluid once and retails for $9.79.

The display also has 18K gold cuticle eraser that exfoliates & moisturizes cuticles this retails for $7.29.

**Update: I test wore the 18K Gold Hardener, it goes on smooth, dries fast and leaves the gold flecks flat which makes it very easy to apply polish over. A few things to note here, when applying a light polish the flecks do shimmer through which can be fun or annoying depending on the look you are going for. I’m wearing the hardener going on five days on my right hand there are no chips, my nails are holding up well and do seem a little stronger.  The one downfall of this base is that if you are going to place polish over it there may be a few gold flecks close to the cuticle so just be aware of how close you get to the cuticle with the hardener if you are going to apply polish on top of it.


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Painted nails are happy nails!



NYC Top Gold Top Coat

I purchased the newly launched NYC Top Gold top coat, which was found at CVS for $1.89 per bottle. The polish is a gold leaf top coat that delivers a classy look.

The polish is similar to the Limited Edition Guilty Pleasure from Zoya, but at a fraction of the cost!

This swatch is two coats of Top Gold over Revlon’s Black Magic; it went on smooth and does take a while to dry.

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It was very hard to capture this swatch on camera.

Painted nails are happy nails!

L’Oreal Colour Riche Gold Dust Aka Jewel Textured Nails!

Today I purchased two of the nine new Colour Riche Nail Gold Dust Polish AKA Jewel Textured Nail Polish that L’Oreal just launched! I have found these on large end cap displays at Walgreens that also include makeup, and then at CVS in nail polish only displays. The two shades I purchased are Too Dimensional?, and Rough Around The Edges.

I’m totally in love with this line, it’s much like OPI liquid sand, and Zoya Pixie Dust but with way more sparkle and a fraction of the price.

Each swatch has two coats but one would work! The polish goes on easy and dries fairly fast. The polish is thick and packed with glitter so watch your brush otherwise it will get clumpy. This is a textured polish so if you are not a fan stay away.

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Too Demensional? is a deep purple with blue, silver, gold, and purple hex glitter.

Rough Around The Edges is a black polish with silver sparkle.


Painted nails are happy nails!



2013 Maybelline LE Brocades Silver Swank & Crushed Crimson

Over the weekend I purchased these two Limited Edition Brocade Polishes by Maybelline. As a huge fan of glitter both of these make me very happy!

Crushed Crimson is a deep red glitter with crimson colored hex glitter mixed with gold glitter and round gold glitter to give a nice gold sparkle. The photos do not really show the gold but there is a hint which creates the perfect mix for the Holidays!

Silver Swank is silver glitter with a mix of gold glitter and silver hex glitter. I can not even express how amazing this polish is. The photo does no justice for this sparkling gem! As you move your fingers the polish goes from silver to gold it is so wonderful!

Both swatches are on a clear base coat and have two coats. If you love glitter polish and can find these DO NOT pass them up they are a must have!

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Crushed Crimson

Silver Swank

Painted nails are happy nails!

Diamond Glitter!

I purchased two more bottles of polish from Sinful Colors in the Diamond Lust Collection. This collection offers 8 different colors of glitter. The glitters range from a mix of round and diamond shape glitter and some with glitter bars. The retail price is $2.99 per bottle. I purchased Queen of Deco and Scene Stealer.  Queen of Deco is a purple glitter with purple diamonds; the Scene Stealer is a red and gold glitter with red diamond glitter.

This swatch has Disco of Queen only on the pinkie and pointer finger while there is a base color of Sinful Colors Amethyst with a coat of Disco of Queen.

Scene Stealer has three coats on my ring finger than then one coat of Sinful Colors Truth or Dare with one coat of Scene Stealer.


Painted nails are happy nails!


Chroma Chameleon!

Revlon sent me 7 bottles of their new Chroma Chameleon nail enamel. This is a Limited Edition color shifting chrome polish in rich jewel tones that is available in 8 colors. Pink Quartz, Rose Gold, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Cobalt, Tanzanite, Topaz and Gold. The bottle is .29 FL. ounces and retails for $5.99. I spotted these polishes at Bed Bath and Beyond recently and was very excited for the package to arrive!

Each color went on very smooth and has two coats. Most change color in every angle and truly is like a Chameleon! I have several favorites in this collection and will wear them often! Be sure to follow on facebook and instagram @coolpolishblog.

Pink Quartz is a beige color with rose colored hints.

Rose Quartz is a gold color with hints of rose and green.

Amethyst is a purple with hints of teal.

Aquamarine is teal blue color with hints of purple.

Cobalt is deep blue.

Tanzanite is a deep purple with hints of gold.

Topaz is a beautiful green with hints of gold.

Have you found these Captivating Chameleons and have you tried them? If so tell me what you think and be sure to share your photos with me on Facebook!

Painted nails are happy nails!