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Pure Ice New Hue Collection

Pure Ice™ sent me the New Hue Collection which is eight new shades, that includes three color tints with glitter, and a matte top coat, this collection is sure to add a little bit of grit, and lots of glam to your nail collection.

The collection has eight shades: Doll Face – a soft crème peach, Flawless – a frosted light gold with a metallic finish, Poppin’ Bottles – silver pearl with silver hex glitter and a gold iridescent finish, What’s the Splatter clear with white and black hex glitter, Blue Hue – blue glitter hint, Pure Haze – purple glitter hint, Rosy Glow – pink glitter hint, Frost Finish – mattifying top coat.

I will do a separate blog with the three color tints and matte top coat.

This collection can be purchased at Walmart for $1.97 per bottle.

I already use Black Out and other Pure Ice shades for stamping so it is nice to add Flawless to the can stamp list.

Each swatch has two coats, the formula Doll Face was much better than I anticipated, however this isn’t my favorite shade of the collection. Flawless is just okay, I’m a little over frosted metallics, but if you are looking for one at an affordable price then this shade is for you.

My favorite is Poppin Bottles, this is a must purchase shade. I absolutely love this shade for several reasons: it’s so easy to apply, has glitter, sparkles like a glass of champagne, it is a fantastic silver pearl with a gold iridescent finish, and it nice to stamp on.

When I receive product to review it is typically test worn, these polishes held up to my test of a daily morning workout, daily office environment, and dish duty at home. I wore Poppin Bottles for five days and never received a chip.

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Doll Face

Doll Face using Flawless to stamp
Flawless with What’s the Splatter
Poppin Bottles
Poppin Bottles stamped with Black Out (I purchased)

Painted nails are happy nails!



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Pure Ice Heartbreaker!

I purchased this polish about one month ago while at Walmart. I seriously thought this would be a jelly but it is not, this polish is a shimmer top coat! I was a little heartbroken because I wanted a teal jelly but after the results on the black polish my heart was whole again!

I did two swatches one with a black and one white polish.

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For the white base, the pinkie and middle finger have four coats of Heartbreaker, the ring finger one and the pointer finger two.

For the black base each finger has one coat of Heartbreaker and I am totally in LOVE with this combo!

Painted nails are happy nails!

Deal of the week!

For those of you looking to get a good deal on polish this week be sure to check out Wet n Wild at Walgreens which is on sale for .99 cents through Saturday. I picked up six colors from the Megalast collection.

The usual price at Walgreens is $1.99 so 50% off is pretty nice. The collection has a Pro Brush called ManiCurve. I am not a fan of this brush even though the polish goes on fast and smooth there is just something that annoys me about this brush. I was very disappointed with one of the brushes as it was cut in a weird angle like the machine went haywire in the factory. I typically look at the brushes really well before buying any polish so shame on me for not catching it.

The six colors I picked up are: I Need a Refresh-Mint, Disturbia, Toxic Apple, Through the Grapevine, Break the Ice and White and Stormy. White and Stormy is a clear halo glitter that I used as an accent top coat. All colors swatches have a base coat and two coats of color.

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Need a Refresh-Mint


Toxic Apple

Through the Grapevine

Break the Ice

Painted nails are happy nails!

Easy nail designs!

I had some extra time this weekend so I decided to create some fun and easy nail designs! I did a starry night nail, a stripe nail and a tie-dyed nail. The color and technique for each nail design are below so you can create your own fun and easy nail designs!

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Starry Night

Colors used:
Base is Starry Night by Sonia Kashuk
Speckle of silver is by Silver Mercedes by Pure Ice
Top is Celestial FX by Revlon

I painted the nails the base coat let dry, then took a makeup sponge with some Silver Mercedes, once the silver Mercedes dried I topped it off with Celestial FX.

Here is a sample of the Starry Night by Sonia Kashuk, I really love this color on the nails and found it on sale at Target.

Completed Starry Night!

Stripe Nail

Colors used:
Base Fig by Sinful Colors
Stripes were completed with Color Club Nail Art Purple Glitter, Silver Glitter, Purple and Pink

Here is a sample of the Fig by Sinful Colors; I really like this color a lot!

Completed Stripe Nail!

Tie-dyed Nail

Colors Used:
Base is Snow Me White by Sinful Colors
Mix of colors are from Color Club Nail Art Pink, purple, blue, green, orange and yellow.

I painted the base two coats of snow Me White, let the base dry then take a makeup sponge and randomly dab the colors you want to use on the sponge, take the sponge and dab the color onto the painted nail, repeat color and sponge work for each nail. Do not worry you will get some color on your skin, it is an easy cleanup once you’ve completed the look.

Here is a sample of the snow Me White; this went on so easy for a white polish.

Completed Tie-dyed look!

Painted nails are happy nails!