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Limited Edition Glitter by Sinful Colors

Today while at Target I stumbled across three Limited Edition Sinful Colors Glitters!! I purchased them for $1.99 each.


The names are adorable: Listed left to right: Thats Elfed Up!, Sleigh My Name (Coffee shops do this often) and Santa Claws. Sinful Colors Glitter polishes are always on point and the right price which is why they are one of my favorite.


For the swatches I brushed on the first coat and sponged on the second, all have a top coat.


Santa Claws is a gold shimmer base with mixed sizes of hex glitter in both red and white.

Sleigh My Name is holographic base with mixed gold hex glitter and white stars, you will need to dig for the stars.

That’s Elfed Up! is a clear base with larger red and off white hex glitter with smaller round white and green glitter.

If you see these purchase them for yourself and to gift!

Painted nails are happy nails!




Salon Perfect Paint the Town Red,White & Blue Collection

I purchased two bottles of Salon Perfect Top Coats found on the end cap display at Walmart. The display was patriotic and had some cool top coats along with solid colored polish, liners,pens, decals and tape. I purchased Star Spangled and Save Me a Spot.

My favorite top coat was Star Spangled, the top coat went on with a few stars but I did have to add stars with my dotting tool. Occasionally the stars would get caught in the brush.

Save a Spot For Me was a bust no spots came off the brush no matter how hard I fished them out. I used a dotting tool to apply each spot!

Both swatches have a quick dry top coat to smooth out the nail. I have long hair without the top coat the stars and spots would have been caught or tugged on my hair.

If you like the patriotic spots and are willing to use your dotting tool to apply then I say make the purchase otherwise save the $3.98. I would recommend picking up Star Spangled I can see this top coat being used in so many different nail art styles.

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Star Spangled-red, white & blue glitter stars with silver glitter

Save me a a spot- red, white & blue circles

Painted nails are happy nails!




Sally Hansen Tahiti Sunset Limited Edition Collection

I received six polishes from the Sally Hansen Tahiti Sunset Collection which is a Limited Edition Collection! The collection is part of the Triple Shine Nail Color and consist of three creams: Pink Coconut, Tahiti, Seasational and three glitters: Changing Tides, Sparktacular, and Achipela-glow

Below is a shot of the color line up and a few swatches! I do plan on uploading all swatches by the end of this week. This collection is set to launch around June and will retail for $4.99 per bottle.

So far this collection is amazing!



Tahiti with one coat of Sparktacular

Painted nails are happy nails!



Surprise by China Glaze!

I purchased five new China Glaze Top Coat Glitters at Sally’s Beauty Supply last weekend during a BOGO sale. These chunky glitters are the Limited Edition Surprise! Collection new for Spring 2014! In the display there are five top coats to choose from, the top coats are hexagon glitters ranging from metallic fuchsia or purple to matte in light blue, pink, yellow, purple, green, peach, and black with a clear base.

As you all know I am a sucker for glitter so you can imagine my response when I spotted the display, it was a mouth dropping gasp for air moment, if you love nail polish you’ve been there do not deny it!


These polishes were made to layer over a base color; I used random solids for a base. There is no problem getting glitter out of the bottle or spreading the glitter over each nail.


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Glittered Up over NYC MoMa- is a matte light blue, light pink and peach with small hex glitter in black and metallic fuchsi

Don’t Be a Flake over China Glaze Sea spray-is a large hex glitter in metallic fuchsia, black and matte light blue.


Glimmer More over China Glaze Tree Hugger- matte peach, pink, yellow with smaller metallic fuchsia hex glitter.

I’m A Go Glitter over China Glaze Pelican Gray- small fuchsia hex glitter mixed with matte green and light blue.


Create a Spark over China Glaze White on White-small purple hex glitter with black and metallic hex glitter. The fuchsia looks a little bronze in this light.




Painted nails are happy nails!



Revlon Uptown Tweeds & Downtown Leather Polish Collection

While at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond store this weekend I found a new Limited Edition display from Revlon. The Display consists of four Uptown Tweeds and four Downtown Leather polishes. Each bottle retails for $4.49, the Leathers are a black, blue, light grey, and a deep purple, while the Tweeds are a Pink/purple, green/white, black/white, and copper/pink combos.

I purchased one Leather and one Tweed. The Leather I picked up is a purple called Downtown, and the Tweed is Martini Lunch. The only reason I did not purchase more than one of these is that I have the entire Sinful Colors Luxe Leather Collection and their Tinsel N’ice Collection and felt the colors were similar and I am over the tinsel look.

Downtown is a deep delicious purple that is thick and will work in one coat, the ring finger has two coats to show the difference.

Martini Lunch, love the green and white combo.

Painted nails are happy nails!

Sally Hansen Fall 2013 Insta-Dri!

I received three Limited Edition Insta-Dri polishes from Sally Hansen; the three colors they sent are from their Fall 2013 Rent The Runway release and are called No S-pear Time, Chop Chop Copper and Quick Jeanius.

The polish is fantastic; it goes on smooth with the Perfectionist Brush. This is a quick dry high shine polish and will dry in 60 seconds with a metallic finish. These deep fall colors are a nice addition to the collection, if you are a little reluctant to purchase darker shades I understand but will say these are great as they do not stain your nails or cuticles like many other blue and green polishes will.

Each swatch has a clear base coat and no top coat. I applied one coat with No S-pear Time and Quick Jenious, Chop Chop Copper needed three coats.

No S-pear Time- a delicious olive green with a silver metallic fleck

Chop Chop Copper-do not let the bottle fool you, this polish goes on lighter than you expect it to, you will need at least three coats to obtain a deep color on the nails, the end result is a copper with pink micro glitter.

Quick Jeanious- a beautiful deep blue with silver metallic fleck, I was not a fan of dark blue polish until now.

Painted nails are happy nails!


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2013 Maybelline LE Brocades Silver Swank & Crushed Crimson

Over the weekend I purchased these two Limited Edition Brocade Polishes by Maybelline. As a huge fan of glitter both of these make me very happy!

Crushed Crimson is a deep red glitter with crimson colored hex glitter mixed with gold glitter and round gold glitter to give a nice gold sparkle. The photos do not really show the gold but there is a hint which creates the perfect mix for the Holidays!

Silver Swank is silver glitter with a mix of gold glitter and silver hex glitter. I can not even express how amazing this polish is. The photo does no justice for this sparkling gem! As you move your fingers the polish goes from silver to gold it is so wonderful!

Both swatches are on a clear base coat and have two coats. If you love glitter polish and can find these DO NOT pass them up they are a must have!

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Crushed Crimson

Silver Swank

Painted nails are happy nails!

Fall 2013 Sally Hansen Limited Edition Xtreme Wear Glitter Polish

Here are two more swatches of the Sally Hansen Limited Edition Glitter polish for Fall 2013. I LOVE this collection so much! I have always been a fan of Sally Hansen and can honestly say they perfected this collection!
These two swatches are Sea-ly String and Confetti Punch. Both are fun and packed full of glitter!

For a base I used Sally Hansen Maximum Strength base coat, both have three coats of polish and no top coat, and for those wondering NO it does not get caught in hair or on clothes! I have hair to the middle of my back and have had no problems with this collection as of yet!

Sea-ly String is a jelly blue base with a mix of small and large regular and hex glitter in black, silver and blue with black bar glitter. this photo does no justice for the polish!

Confetti Punch is a jelly base that is rose in color and its packed full of mini pink glitter then multi sized hex glitter in blue, gold and pink.

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Limited Edition Glitter Fall 2013!

I am excited for all the Fall 2013 polish releases but I am VERY excited for the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Limited Edition Glitters. This collection is AMAZING they are some serious glitters that are only $2.99 per bottle! These two swatches are Green Rocket and Rosey Shooter, I purchased these two polishes.

Green Rocket is a clear base with a mix of green and white glitter with different size white and green hex glitter, and white bar glitter.

Rosey Shooter is a clear base with a mix of white and red glitter with different size white and green hex glitter, and white bar glitter.

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Salon Perfect Neon Texture!

A quick stop at a random Walmart on my way home the other day brought me to purchase a few of the Limited Edition Salon Perfect Neon Collision Nail Lacquers. The three I picked up are Shocked, Zapped and Kaboom. These retail for $3.98 each and are a Walmart exclusive.

The base coat is two coats of Orly Ridge Filler. Each color has two coats; the polish has a clear base and then colorful collision of mini glitter which dries with a texture.

If you are not a fan of textured polish this may not be for you, I will say that this texture isn’t as extreme as others.

Shocked is a neon pink and teal collision.

Zapped is a neon yellow and teal collision.

Kaboom is a neon green, yellow and teal collision.

Painted nails are happy nails.