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NYC Strip Me OFF Base Coat

NYC sent me this product to review! I am a huge fan of the NYC Quick Dry Top Coat so when I heard they came out with the Strip Me Off Base Coat I just had to try it!!

The Strip Me Off Base Coat is for easy removal of a manicure including glitter using no nail polish remover. The product goes on white but dries quick and transparent.

Since this product intrigued me I wanted to test it with several different types and brands of polish on both manicures and a pedicure. I was impressed when a cream polish came right off with no residue, I then tested a glitter polish on a manicure I wore for five days, I had no chips and when I went to peel it off the glitter came off very easily, I actually did this in front of two coworkers who didn’t believe but wanted to, they were so impressed with the removal of the glitter polish they sat there stunned. I then tried this on my pedicure with PixieDust gasp I used a base coat with PixieDust!!  The pedicure wore for over a week and came right off when I gently peeled the polish away!

For those that follow me on Instagram: coolpolishblog, Facebook or Twitter: Cool Polish then you know how much I ADORE glitter polish, with that being said go out and purchase this base coat, it retails for $1.99 and can be found at most drugstores. This product is a fraction of the cost compared to OPI Glitter Off Pealable Base which retails for $9.00 and is owned by the same company!


Painted nails are happy nails!




Color Club-Moody Blues Mini Mani Monday

While at Bed Bath and Beyond I spotted and purchased the adorable Moody Blues Mini collection from Color Club .The collection includes four mini bottles of polish, Blue Topia-a deep dark blue, Hydrangea Kiss- purple just like the flower, Take Me to Your Chateau-a pastel blue and Si Vous Please-a pastel iridescent glitter in a clear base.

To ward off the Monday workday blues I created this fun polka dot manicure, the base is Hydrangea Kiss with two coats, the base polka dot is Blue Topia and the top polka dot is Take Me to Your Chateau.

I really love these colors together and can’t wait to try other nail designs with them!!

Moody Blues Mini Mani Monday!

Painted nails are happy nails!

Easy nail designs!

I had some extra time this weekend so I decided to create some fun and easy nail designs! I did a starry night nail, a stripe nail and a tie-dyed nail. The color and technique for each nail design are below so you can create your own fun and easy nail designs!

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Starry Night

Colors used:
Base is Starry Night by Sonia Kashuk
Speckle of silver is by Silver Mercedes by Pure Ice
Top is Celestial FX by Revlon

I painted the nails the base coat let dry, then took a makeup sponge with some Silver Mercedes, once the silver Mercedes dried I topped it off with Celestial FX.

Here is a sample of the Starry Night by Sonia Kashuk, I really love this color on the nails and found it on sale at Target.

Completed Starry Night!

Stripe Nail

Colors used:
Base Fig by Sinful Colors
Stripes were completed with Color Club Nail Art Purple Glitter, Silver Glitter, Purple and Pink

Here is a sample of the Fig by Sinful Colors; I really like this color a lot!

Completed Stripe Nail!

Tie-dyed Nail

Colors Used:
Base is Snow Me White by Sinful Colors
Mix of colors are from Color Club Nail Art Pink, purple, blue, green, orange and yellow.

I painted the base two coats of snow Me White, let the base dry then take a makeup sponge and randomly dab the colors you want to use on the sponge, take the sponge and dab the color onto the painted nail, repeat color and sponge work for each nail. Do not worry you will get some color on your skin, it is an easy cleanup once you’ve completed the look.

Here is a sample of the snow Me White; this went on so easy for a white polish.

Completed Tie-dyed look!

Painted nails are happy nails!