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Milani Fierce Foil 2015 Nail Polish!

I purchased the new Milani Fierce Foil Collection at CVS, this collection is part of the Milani 2015 Fierce Foil Collection which includes some amazing eyeliner, shadows and nail polish. Check out Nouveau Cheaps blog for more details on the makeup.

The polish retails for $3.99 per bottle, the display states “the look of foil in just one step” this collection has six delicious shades: Capri, Venice, Florence, Milan, Sardinia, and Rome.

Each swatch has two coats, goes on smooth and has a sparkle which is eye catching. I would recommend purchasing a few, my favorites are Capri, and Venice.

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Capri- bright pink with gold flecks
Venice-a lovely blue with gold flecks mixed with pink shimer
Florence- medium green with gold fleck, I’m typically not a green fan for polish but I do like this shade
Milan-gold foil glitter, if you need a gold glitter for the collection then you MUST purchase this one
Sardinia-clear base gold flecks mixed in a light glitter base
Rome- a light purple with gold flecks
Painted nails are happy nails!





Milani Sugar Rush Polish!

I purchased the six new gold label Sugar Rush Polish Collection from Milani which is available now in the permanent display at CVS. Clearly the trend for spring 2014 is glitter top coats and there are plenty to choose from however I did see a difference in the Milani versus the other brands and that would be the color choices.

For the most part I was satisfied with these top coats but there are two which I can live without. The two I could live without are Sugar Cane and Sugar Rush, they look better in the bottle than on the nail and after using both of them. Sugar Cane reminds me of Sinful Colors Tinsel N’ice, and Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat. So far the only brand which has done the fuzzy top coat right is Sally Hansen. Sugar Rush will be good for glitter placement.


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Sugar Coated is a lime green glitter mix in round, multi sized hex glitter and bar glitter with a hint of small holographic gold glitter.

Sugar High is a mix of round glitter in light blue, dark blue, peach, lime green, bronze, and silver.

Sugar Rush is a hex matte glitter mix in lime green light pink, yellow and holographic silver.

Sugar Cane is a bar glitter in blue and pink bar glitter with different sized white hex glitter.

Sugar Rim is a matte glitter in a medium round light blue, with smaller round lime green, bronze and black with holographic fragments.

Sugar Burst is a pink glitter mix with multi sized pink hex glitter, pink bar glitter and a holographic hex.

Painted nails are happy nails!





#31DC2013 Day Three Yellow!

For day three of #31DC2013 I created nail art with Fing’rs flower nail art over a yellow base. This look is a little out of my element, but hey isn’t this a challenge to improve and try different nail art?

To get this look:

1. Start with a good base coat
2. Paint the nails with two coats of Milani Lemongello
3. Using a green striper brush create two lines on each nail one shorter than the other, then add a few leaves to the stem.
4. Use a fast drying top coat (I used Seche Vite) and place a small dot above the stem add a flower then repeat!

Flower Bed Nails:

I picked up the Fing’rs flower nail art at Walmart.

Painted nails are happy nails!

#31DC2013September 31 Day Nail Challenge!

I decided to give the Chalkboard Nails 31 Day Challenge a try! With a month off from my
Masters program I will be able to complete the challenge and improve my nail art skills!

If you plan on participating in the challenge check out Chalkboard Nails for full details!

Day 1 is the color Red, not my favorite color so my polish choices where limited. What I used was Milani Tainted in Red (a textured polish) and Zoya Carmen.

To get this look:
1. Start with a good base coat
2. Paint four nails with the Textured polish (two coats)
3. Paint the ring finger
4. While the ring finger is still tacky add three colored rhinestones using tweezers (I used Iron-On Rhinestones which I purchased from JoAnne Fabrics.)

Are you going to join in this challenge? Is so feel free to share your art work on my Facebook page or tag me on Instagram @coolpolishblog

Red NailsDay 1!

Painted nails are happy nails!

Milani and Sally Hansen Nail Designs!

Here are two recent nail designs; both were fun and fairly easy to create! One design is a gradient done with Sally Hansen polish and some loose glitter, while the other was made with Milani nail color and chevron nail stickers which I purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply. All supplies used for these nails were purchased by me.

For both looks I started with a base coat which I have trusted for years, about 6 months ago I stopped using this base coat and quickly regretted it. The base coat that I swear by is Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat; it goes on smooth and dries fast. (It is not a quick dry top coat)

Sally Hansen Gradient

The two colors I used where from the Salon Manicure Collection, The purple is called Purple Pulse and the pink is Cherry Cherry Bang Bang. For this look I used a makeup sponge placed a little of each color and rocked the sponge with the polish on my fingernails. Once the polish was dry I took a small brush and brushed some loose glitter onto the base of the nail and sealed it in with the Double Duty Top coat. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Milani Chevron

For this look I used three Milani colors Sweetest Pink, Tropical Fiesta and Silver Dazzle. I stared the base color with Sweetest Pink let it dry then applied the chevron nail guides to the tips of my nails, from there I painted the tips Silver Dazzle. It is important that you remove the tape soon after applying the polish otherwise you will ruin the perfect lines. Once the tape was removed I placed another chevron sticker guide below the Silver Dazzle tip and used Tropical Fiesta.

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Painted nails are happy nails!

Easy Fun French Manicures

For this blog I created two Fun French manicures, both are easy to do one just takes a little more time. I purchased all of the polish and supplies for these manicures. If you recreate the looks please share them on Facebook or tag me on Instagram @coolpolishblog.

Look one is made with two polishes and a glitter striper.

1. I painted the base with Orly Elation Generation which is a fun pink with glitter.
2. The tip is Sally Hansen Purple Pulse from their Complete Salon Manicure collection this is a lovely deep purple with shimmer, I used one stroke with the brush to add color to each tip.
3. The striper is a silver glitter called Glitter Lites by Nail Art, for the striper I went over where the pink and purple met.

Look two is made with two polishes and nail art decorations, this nail design takes a little longer due to the bead placement.

1. I painted the base with Diamond Dazzle by Milani
2. For the Tips I used Katy by Zoya, you can use manicure guides for nice smooth tips or Avery Reinforcement Labels, both of these items also help create half moon look nails so it is good to have both in your supply kit.
3. For the bead work I used white pearl nail art that I purchased at Claire’s Cosmetics, these items can also be purchased through Amazon. To place the beads I used a dotting tool, fast drying top coat and tweezers. I dotted each spot one at a time then added the bead work.

Painted nails are happy nails!

Milani Texture!

While at my local Walgreens over the weekend I found a new collection from Milani, it is a Limited Edition Textured Cream Lacquer with a Matte finish. There are six colors one gray then five bright and vibrant colors: Spoiled In Fuchsia, Purple Streak, Shady Gray, Yellow Mark, Aqua Splash and Tainted in Red. The price was $3.99 each which is pretty reasonable considering OPI Liquid Sand Lacquer is retailing for $9.00 a bottle.

I test wore the polish and yup I chipped a nail, the good news is that a quick dab of color covers the chip and you can’t even notice due to the textured and Matte look. I did not wear a base or top coat; the colors go on fast and come of easy.

Spoiled In Fuchsia

Purple Streak

Shady Gray

Yellow Mark

Aqua Splash-My favorite of the six colors!

Tainted Red

Happy nails are painted nails!