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Pure Ice New Hue Collection

Pure Ice™ sent me the New Hue Collection which is eight new shades, that includes three color tints with glitter, and a matte top coat, this collection is sure to add a little bit of grit, and lots of glam to your nail collection.

The collection has eight shades: Doll Face – a soft crème peach, Flawless – a frosted light gold with a metallic finish, Poppin’ Bottles – silver pearl with silver hex glitter and a gold iridescent finish, What’s the Splatter clear with white and black hex glitter, Blue Hue – blue glitter hint, Pure Haze – purple glitter hint, Rosy Glow – pink glitter hint, Frost Finish – mattifying top coat.

I will do a separate blog with the three color tints and matte top coat.

This collection can be purchased at Walmart for $1.97 per bottle.

I already use Black Out and other Pure Ice shades for stamping so it is nice to add Flawless to the can stamp list.

Each swatch has two coats, the formula Doll Face was much better than I anticipated, however this isn’t my favorite shade of the collection. Flawless is just okay, I’m a little over frosted metallics, but if you are looking for one at an affordable price then this shade is for you.

My favorite is Poppin Bottles, this is a must purchase shade. I absolutely love this shade for several reasons: it’s so easy to apply, has glitter, sparkles like a glass of champagne, it is a fantastic silver pearl with a gold iridescent finish, and it nice to stamp on.

When I receive product to review it is typically test worn, these polishes held up to my test of a daily morning workout, daily office environment, and dish duty at home. I wore Poppin Bottles for five days and never received a chip.

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Doll Face

Doll Face using Flawless to stamp
Flawless with What’s the Splatter
Poppin Bottles
Poppin Bottles stamped with Black Out (I purchased)

Painted nails are happy nails!



The product samples were given to Cool Polish for editorial purposes. The product samples came from one of the following: directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on www.coolpolish.com are the truthful opinion of its author and are not persuaded by the manufacturer in any way.




Hard Candy Holiday 2014 sets

While at Walmart I noticed Hard Candy had a nice mix of nail polish sets out for the Holiday season! They also have a few makeup sets, I found them in Holiday section.

Each set has a $1.00 off coupon ( inside) off your next Hard Candy purchase. The sets range in price from $9.88 to $19.88.

Sorry the photos aren’t the best, between the lights and reflective packaging I had some issues.

There are three Ombré Color Waves that retail for $4.88.


Ultimate Nail Art Kit.
The next three photos show the shades available in a cube of 24 mini polishes! This retailed for $14.88



Nail Art Kit.

Total Eye Kit in two shades with eight eyeliners the kit on the right has glitter eyeliners. Retails for $9.88.

A four pack of Baked Eye Shadow, three to choose from. Retail for $9.88.

Painted nails are happy nails!




Wet n Wild 2014 Holiday Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Polish

Today while at Walgreens I spotted Wet n Wild Holiday 2014 Mega Rocks Glitter Nailcolor. I found six shades in this collection and purchased two. Walgreens has Wet n Wild on sale for 25% off until the end of this month.

These polishes were found in the end cap display with a mix of old and new including 2014 Mega Rocks glitter, holiday eye shadow, and summer eye shadows.

The shades are all festive names packed full of glitter! The names are: Glitz the Night Away, Starlet in Scarlet, Rebel Without a Clause, The Snow Must Go On, Breakfast in Tinsletown, and It’s a Winterlife. I purchased Breakfast in Tinsletown, and It’s a Winterlife.

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The polish goes on smooth and, the glitter applies evenly.

Breakfast in Tinsletown- clear base with small, and gold glitter mixed with larger green hex. Swatch has two coats and no top coat.

It’s a Winterlife- a jelly base with teal, and holo hex glitter in different sizes. Swatch has three coats and no top coat.

Glitz the Night Away- clear base with a mix of medium sized hex glitter in teal, pink, and gold.

Starlet in Scarlet- clear base with medium red hex mixed with silver hex glitter in two sizes.

Rebel Without a Clause- this might be a light gold jelly base mixed with small hex glitter in bronze, and gold.


The Snow Must Go On- clear base with small glitter in light and dark purple, with medium purple glitter.

Some nail art with It’s a Winterlife, and I Need a Refreshment!

Painted nails are happy nails!




Color Club Zodiac Nail Kits!

Today I found a display of Color Club Zodiac Nail Kits, I was really excited to find these because I almost purchased a few on the Color Club website a while back and the kits were on clearance for $3.49 marked down from $6.99. The kits were found at Bed, Bath & Beyond, I purchased two Virgo (for my birth month) and Pisces, because of the nail color!

Each kit contains one mini astrological nail polish with corresponding birthstone gems and a tool to place them on the nail.

Painted nails are happy nails!

Milani Sugar Rush Polish!

I purchased the six new gold label Sugar Rush Polish Collection from Milani which is available now in the permanent display at CVS. Clearly the trend for spring 2014 is glitter top coats and there are plenty to choose from however I did see a difference in the Milani versus the other brands and that would be the color choices.

For the most part I was satisfied with these top coats but there are two which I can live without. The two I could live without are Sugar Cane and Sugar Rush, they look better in the bottle than on the nail and after using both of them. Sugar Cane reminds me of Sinful Colors Tinsel N’ice, and Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat. So far the only brand which has done the fuzzy top coat right is Sally Hansen. Sugar Rush will be good for glitter placement.


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Sugar Coated is a lime green glitter mix in round, multi sized hex glitter and bar glitter with a hint of small holographic gold glitter.

Sugar High is a mix of round glitter in light blue, dark blue, peach, lime green, bronze, and silver.

Sugar Rush is a hex matte glitter mix in lime green light pink, yellow and holographic silver.

Sugar Cane is a bar glitter in blue and pink bar glitter with different sized white hex glitter.

Sugar Rim is a matte glitter in a medium round light blue, with smaller round lime green, bronze and black with holographic fragments.

Sugar Burst is a pink glitter mix with multi sized pink hex glitter, pink bar glitter and a holographic hex.

Painted nails are happy nails!





Revlon Graffiti Top Coat!

Last weekend I Purchased the two new Graffiti Top Coats by Revlon at Walgreens. I’ve always been a fan of Revlon but these two top coats are amazing and they make me love Revlon even more!

If you are looking for Graffiti on your nails then these are a MUST buy. Although similar to the Maybelline Clearly Spotted and Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear Rosey Shooter and Strobe Flash, you will find that they are slightly different. If you follow me and read my blog you know that I am also a huge fan of Sally Hansen and just like Revlon have been for a very long time. There are differences in the polishes such as the reds are slightly different and Sally Hansen has more white hex glitter in both versus Revlon which is packed, I mean packed full of glitter graffiti goodness!

Revlon’s Red Graffiti Top Coat is jam packed with red and white hex glitter is all sizes, it also has white bar glitter.

Revlon’s Black Graffiti Top Coat is also jam packed but with black and white hex glitter and black bar glitter.

The Graffiti Top Coats goes on smooth even thought the brush is loaded up with the glitter goodness. In my swatches I have only one coat, yes just one, how amazing! Unlike many other glitter polishes which brings the glitter closer to the tips as you apply this top coat actually spreads the glitter out equally on the nail.

Thank you Revlon for perfecting the hex glitter top coat!

Red over Revlon Black Magic

Black over Revlons Vintage

Painted nails are happy nails!

Finger Paints Kaleidoscope Collection and New Branding!

While at my local Sally’s Beauty Supply store I spotted the new Finger paints Kaleidoscope Collection, I purchased one of the five flaked polishes and one in the new formula called  Vermillion $ Painting. Finger Paints polish is buy one get one free until the end of February at Sally’s so be sure to stop in and pick up a few new colors!

A few things you will notice is that Finger Paints changed their branding and the brush is slightly wider. I love the new brush its just right, the polish goes on quick and smooth.

The Kaleidoscope Collection has five flaked colored polishes; each has a clear base with a hint of different flakes. The names are: Abstract Attraction, Colorful Dream, Psychedelic Hue, Symmetrical Symphony, and Vivid Reflection. The collection reminds me of Color Clubs covered in Diamonds.

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Symmetrical Symphony is over Finger Paints Tough Art To Follow, and has one coat. This polish has lavender, blue and peach flakes.

Vermillion $ Painting is a delicious red orange with micro glitter, I really like this color!

Painted nails are happy nails!

Mini Color Club & Indie look alike?

While at Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend I spotted a display of polishes from Color Club, this display held about twenty colors which included some basic colors, glitters and three that really caught my eyes! I figured these would be perfect for the Mini Mani Monday blog! What I found where polishes that resembled Indie polishes. The mini bottles retail for $2.99 each.

The three colors I picked up are: For You, Oh Boy!, and Bundle of Joy. I really thought there should be a pink Indie look alike in this display but did not locate one or a spot for it.

Please excuse the nubs, my pointer finger decided to have a breakdown this week.

Let’s start with my favorite For You, yes that name is correct it is like Color Club made this color for me! It is a nice white polish with small hex glitter in red, teal, light and dark purple with a mix of larger hex glitter in light purple, yellow and red, for those of you that follow the blog you know how much I LOVE glitter and the yellow really made me smile! This swatch has three coats.

I’m not going to lie I was really disappointed with Bundle of Joy, it was more like Disastrous Monday, I tried the polish two times, both with a base coat but the polish is thick and goopy and I hate that so much! The color of the polish is much like Color Clubs Blue Ming. The glitter found in this polish is small and medium hex glitter in a gray-silver and black, with a larger hex glitter in black. This swatch has two coats.

Oh Boy is a nice blue, the polish is thick but not hard to work with, this has small and medium hex glitter in a gray-silver and black, then larger hex glitter in black. This swatch has two coats.

Painted nails are happy nails!

NYC Top Gold Top Coat

I purchased the newly launched NYC Top Gold top coat, which was found at CVS for $1.89 per bottle. The polish is a gold leaf top coat that delivers a classy look.

The polish is similar to the Limited Edition Guilty Pleasure from Zoya, but at a fraction of the cost!

This swatch is two coats of Top Gold over Revlon’s Black Magic; it went on smooth and does take a while to dry.

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It was very hard to capture this swatch on camera.

Painted nails are happy nails!

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish


Sally Hansen sent me six bottles of the newly launched Triple Shine nail polish. These polishes have hit most major drug stores and have been found at Target. The polish is available in 29 shades, the shades range from cremes, metallics to glitters and a top coat.

A few things you will notice right off are the many shade choices and of course the bottle shape. I like the bottle shape it is good for storage, the top pops off and gives you a nice handle to hold, the brush in this line is the same brush found in the Complete Salon Manicure collection. I was a little bummed to find they didn’t use a more streamlined brush to go with the bottle shape, but then again I’m not a fan of wide polish brushes!

The six shades that were sent to me are Play Koi, Kelp Out, Vanity Flare, Sparks Fly, Pearly Whites, and Twinkled Pink. All swatches have two coats and no top coat.

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Play Koi is a bright creme orange which I love, this shade is great for the fingers or the toes.

Kelp Out is a creme green, I’m not a fan of green polish but this is nice.

Vanity Flare is a beautiful purple creme.

For the glitter swatches I did them over color and two by themselves so you can see the jelly base.

This is Sparks Fly over Vanity Flare, this is a blue jelly base with small silver and blue glitter with a combo of large and small hex glitter in silver. This is a polish I see in the store and think I must have this thankfully I already do and you should too!

Pearly Whites is a iridescent glitter with iridescent flakes, the base is goopy.

Twinkled Pink is a pink jelly base with silver and gold glitter mixed with silver and gold hex glitter, this polish gives off an amazing gold glow. The swatch is over Play Koi and the glitter placement is from the hex glitter in the bottle, the two end fingers have one coat. This is another must have for the collection.

This swatch is so you can see the jelly base in both Sparks Fly, and Twinkle Pink, the swatches are over a white base coat and have two coats each!


Painted nails are happy nails!



The product samples were given to Cool Polish for editorial purposes. The product samples came from one of the following: directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on www.coolpolish.com are the truthful opinion of its author and are not persuaded by the manufacturer in any way.