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Sinful Colors The Finishing Touch for Holiday 2015

Today while at Walgreens I found the Sinful Colors 2015 Holiday display, the Collection is a large end cap display and has 24 shades, six are new. The display is called The Finishing Touch and each bottle retails for $1.99.

Most of the shades are from previous collections, I purchased the six new shades.

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The shades found in the display are:

Holiday Rebel


Ice Dream

Snow Me White

Velvet Ribbon (NEW)

Its a Wrap


Ruby Glisten

Pine Away

Blue By You

Green Ocean

Star Studded (NEW)

Holiday Rebel

Twilight Twinkle (NEW)

Gogo Girl

Flake Out (NEW)

Silver Crush (NEW)

Star Studded (NEW)


Touch of Class (NEW)


Red Eye

Sugar Sugar

Purple Heart


Gilded gold and red glitter, three coats

Velvet Ribbon-red base with gold shimmer-love this polish (two coats)

Touch of Class-silver metallic with purple flecks (not captured in photo) two coats.

Flake Out-A mix of light blue hex flitter, silver snowflake glitter and a shimmer in a clear base. Over Gogo Red (two coats of each) You will need to dig and place the snowflakes.

Star Studded-Gold and silver shimmer with silver star glitter, different size gold and silver hex glitter. (three coats)

Twilight Twinkles-Gold glitter that ranges from squares, bar and shards. (over Velvet Ribbon)

Silver Crush-Silver glitter that ranges from squares, bar and shards (over Red Eye)

Decadent over Snow Me White.

Holiday Rebel-Over Touch of Class

Pained nails are happy nails!


New L’Oreal Chateau Royale By Coloure Riche

While at Bed Bath & Beyond I spotted a new Display from L’Oreal called L’Oreal Chateau Royale By Coloure Riche, a wine inspired collection, the display states: Escape to Bordeaux in 7 vintage shades. In my opinion the shades and the names couldn’t be more perfect.

There are seven shades: (left to right in display photo)  Vineyard Blush, Wine Spriter, High spirits, Pinot Purple, Wicked Wine, Sangria Spalsh and, Pass the Vino.


I purchased four of the seven, which retail for $4.99 each, I did not have my Bed Bath & Beyond coupon with me or I would have purchased all seven.

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The three I did not purchase:

Vineyard Blush- a very pale pink

Sangria Splash

Pass the Vino

The four I purchased: All have two coats and go on smooth, Wicked Wine and Pinot Purple stain so be sure to wear a base coat and, watch around the cuticles! I would recommend any from this collection.

Wine Spritzer

High Spirits

Pinot Purple

Wicked Wine

Added Bonus of nail art

Painted nails are happy nails!




Sinful Colors Professional OH SNAP!

Another new Sinful Colors display sighted at Walgreens! This one is called OH SNAP! “RUNWAY COLORS, WITH VINTAGE FLAIR.” I purchased this collection as well as Truly, Madly, Sparkly. All of the shades were purchased for $0.99 each.

The collection has seven shades and a top coat, the shades run between a cream, micro shimmer that’s almost metallic, a demi matte and, crelly. All but one shade is new.

Let’s Meet – irredecent yellow with micro glitter (new)

Plum Luck – crelly (new)

Hazed – demi matte (new)

Purple Haze – micro shimmer/almost metallic (new)

Rose Dust – shimmer (duplicate)

No Filter – irredecent blue (new)

Retro Rose – shimmer (new) same shade as Cotton Candy but with glitter

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I have a few favorites in this collection: No Filter, Plum Luck, Hazed and, Purple Hazed.


Let’s Meet (3 coats)

Plum Luck – 2 coats

Hazed- 2 coats

Purple Haze – 2 coats

Rose Dust – great for business events! 1 coat!

No Filter – 2 coats

Retro Rose – 2 coats

Painted nails are happy nails!



Pure Ice New Hue Collection

Pure Ice™ sent me the New Hue Collection which is eight new shades, that includes three color tints with glitter, and a matte top coat, this collection is sure to add a little bit of grit, and lots of glam to your nail collection.

The collection has eight shades: Doll Face – a soft crème peach, Flawless – a frosted light gold with a metallic finish, Poppin’ Bottles – silver pearl with silver hex glitter and a gold iridescent finish, What’s the Splatter clear with white and black hex glitter, Blue Hue – blue glitter hint, Pure Haze – purple glitter hint, Rosy Glow – pink glitter hint, Frost Finish – mattifying top coat.

I will do a separate blog with the three color tints and matte top coat.

This collection can be purchased at Walmart for $1.97 per bottle.

I already use Black Out and other Pure Ice shades for stamping so it is nice to add Flawless to the can stamp list.

Each swatch has two coats, the formula Doll Face was much better than I anticipated, however this isn’t my favorite shade of the collection. Flawless is just okay, I’m a little over frosted metallics, but if you are looking for one at an affordable price then this shade is for you.

My favorite is Poppin Bottles, this is a must purchase shade. I absolutely love this shade for several reasons: it’s so easy to apply, has glitter, sparkles like a glass of champagne, it is a fantastic silver pearl with a gold iridescent finish, and it nice to stamp on.

When I receive product to review it is typically test worn, these polishes held up to my test of a daily morning workout, daily office environment, and dish duty at home. I wore Poppin Bottles for five days and never received a chip.

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Doll Face

Doll Face using Flawless to stamp
Flawless with What’s the Splatter
Poppin Bottles
Poppin Bottles stamped with Black Out (I purchased)

Painted nails are happy nails!



The product samples were given to Cool Polish for editorial purposes. The product samples came from one of the following: directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on www.coolpolish.com are the truthful opinion of its author and are not persuaded by the manufacturer in any way.




18K Gold Hardener & Gel Shine 3D Top Coat by Sally Hansen!

Sally Hansen has launched a new top and bast coat! Today I found the two new items and a cuticle eraser at CVS. I purchased both the Hardener and top coat, continue reading for details and price.

18K Gold Hardener is a .33 fluid once bottle that retails for $7.29, this is a strengthening base according to the package the real 18K gold shield locks in moisture & strengthens nails. How it works: The formula instantly hardens & fortifies nails to prevent breaking, chipping & splitting. It has gold flakes in two colors, and can be worn alone or under the nail color.

Gel Shine 3D Top Coat which is an instant Gel shine & volume with no light, the package states that it goes on thick and dries quick. The bottle is a cube .45 fluid once and retails for $9.79.

The display also has 18K gold cuticle eraser that exfoliates & moisturizes cuticles this retails for $7.29.

**Update: I test wore the 18K Gold Hardener, it goes on smooth, dries fast and leaves the gold flecks flat which makes it very easy to apply polish over. A few things to note here, when applying a light polish the flecks do shimmer through which can be fun or annoying depending on the look you are going for. I’m wearing the hardener going on five days on my right hand there are no chips, my nails are holding up well and do seem a little stronger.  The one downfall of this base is that if you are going to place polish over it there may be a few gold flecks close to the cuticle so just be aware of how close you get to the cuticle with the hardener if you are going to apply polish on top of it.


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Painted nails are happy nails!



Sally Hansen Velvet Texture

While at Bed Bath & Beyond today I spotted two new collections from Sally Hansen, one is called Velvet Texture, the other Patent Gloss & Luxe Lace nail color! The Velvet collection has eight shades to choose from. Click here to view the blog for the Patent Gloss & Luxe Lace nail color collection!

These retail for $4.99 each, Salley Hansen states that these are “stylish, New Fabrick-Inspired Special Effects” with a “Luxe, Velvety Feel”. The polish is textured so if you do not like textured polish stay away.

I did not purchase any of these, instead I picked up a few other new shades from Revlon and a shade from the Sally Hansen Luxe Lace Collection.

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This is what the display looks like!


Painted nails are happy nails!



Essie winter 2014 trend collection

While at Walgreens today I spotted the Essie 2014 Holiday nail polish collection, this collection is called winter 2014 trend collection with the theme ” when I jiggle hi jiggle low I kick off my heels!”

This blog post is to give followers a heads up on the Essie winter trend, for those who read my blog and follow my social media you know I do not blog about or use Essie, I own eight Essie polish shades, I’m not a fan of the Essie formula therefore I tend to stay away from them and would rather spend the money on Orly, OPI or Zoya.

This collection has four shades: tuck it in my tux, jiggle hi, jiggle low, double breasted jacket, and jump in my jumpsuit.

Tuck it in my tux- a sheer in a cream color.

Jiggle hi, jiggle low- metallic silver.

Double breasted jacket-cream red.

Jump in my jumpsuit-dark red.

Painted nails are happy nails!







NYC Fashion Queen-Limited Edition

I purchased the new Limited Edition Fashion Queen Collection from CVS, click here for more details and swatches on the jelly glitters from this collection.

There are nine shades in this collection, four jelly based Glitters: Ruby Queen, NY Princess, Blue Majesty, and Queen’s Jewels, two glitter based shades: Rule the City, and Fashion Queen and then three In a New York Color Minute formula: Royal Chic (jelly), Crown Gold (shimmer), and New York Color (shimmer).  All six glitters are labeled Crystal Couture.

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This blog is for the remaining five polishes in the collection.

I’ll start by saying you NEED these two glitter polishes in your life, for $1.99 each you can’t go wrong, they go on smooth, dry quick, look amazing, and last on the nail.

Fashion Queen-gold glitter polish with larger lighter gold glitter.

Rule the City-dark grey glitter polish with larger red hex glitter.


For the three remaining polishes they are part of the In a New York Color Minute Collection two shimmers, and one jelly all have two coats.

Crown Gold-gold shimmer polish-I can live without this shade in my life the formula is nice though.


Queen of the City-dark burgundy shimmer, this is an amazing shade, typically I do not go for darker polishes but this one is worth picking up.


Royal Chick, a brown jelly.

Glitter gradient with Royal Chick and Fashion Queen.


Painted nails are happy nails!



Zoya Magical PixieDust

I purchased three bottles of Zoya Magical PixieDust. These polishes are full of magical glitter creating a textured look, and retail for $10.00 per bottle. The three polishes I purchased are Cosmo, Vega, and Lux and came from Ulta.

According to the Zoya website you should not use a base or top coat and prep the nail with Zoya Remover. I followed these instructions but cringed at the thought of no base coat, but everything turned out fine!!

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Each swatch has 3 light coats which went on easy, the glitter dispensed well on each coat. This glitter masterpiece is like the PixieDust but packed with Holographic hex glitter. If you love the original PixieDust and welcome large amounts of holo hex glitter then you should purchase a few of these, they will be perfect as an accent nail or two or will wear well alone.

Cosmo-silver (the yellow paint outside is picked up in the sparkle.)

Vega-light blue

Lux-rose quartz

Painted nails are happy nails!



Maybelline Polished Jewels Textured Top Coat

While at Bed Bath and Beyond I spotted a new display called Polish Jewels by Maybelline. Maybellines display stated these are textured top coats. The display has five top coats Gleaming Graphite, Mosaic Prism, Precious Pearl, Platinum Adorn, and Gilded In Gold.

These top coats are packed full of glitter or flakes and cost $2.99 per bottle. I would only count them as textured because they can be rough as a top coat alone.


Gleaming Graphite-chunky graphite colored flakes. Mosaic Prism-a multi sized and colored glitter.

Precious Pearl- multi sized hex glitter. Platinum Adorn-platinum bar glitter.

Gilded In Gold-gold flakes

Here is a swatch of Precious Pearl, it has two coats and a must buy out of this collection!

Painted nails are happy nails!