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18K Gold Hardener & Gel Shine 3D Top Coat by Sally Hansen!

Sally Hansen has launched a new top and bast coat! Today I found the two new items and a cuticle eraser at CVS. I purchased both the Hardener and top coat, continue reading for details and price.

18K Gold Hardener is a .33 fluid once bottle that retails for $7.29, this is a strengthening base according to the package the real 18K gold shield locks in moisture & strengthens nails. How it works: The formula instantly hardens & fortifies nails to prevent breaking, chipping & splitting. It has gold flakes in two colors, and can be worn alone or under the nail color.

Gel Shine 3D Top Coat which is an instant Gel shine & volume with no light, the package states that it goes on thick and dries quick. The bottle is a cube .45 fluid once and retails for $9.79.

The display also has 18K gold cuticle eraser that exfoliates & moisturizes cuticles this retails for $7.29.

**Update: I test wore the 18K Gold Hardener, it goes on smooth, dries fast and leaves the gold flecks flat which makes it very easy to apply polish over. A few things to note here, when applying a light polish the flecks do shimmer through which can be fun or annoying depending on the look you are going for. I’m wearing the hardener going on five days on my right hand there are no chips, my nails are holding up well and do seem a little stronger.  The one downfall of this base is that if you are going to place polish over it there may be a few gold flecks close to the cuticle so just be aware of how close you get to the cuticle with the hardener if you are going to apply polish on top of it.


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