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L’Oreal Dark Sides of Grey by Colour Riche Collection!

Spotted at Bed Bath & Beyond is a new Polish Collection by L’Oreal, this collection is a mix of creams, foil, glitter textures and a holographic polish. Each bottle retails for $4.99.

Creams: Aux Chandelles, Grey Corset.

Textures: Caution Please, Totally D’Accord, Bad Boy Grey, Power Potion.

Holographic: Masked Affair

Foil: Miss Grey.

I purchased three of the textures, the foil, and the holo! The textures are packed full of glitter and look a little darker on the nail then the bottle, each swatch has two coats. The texture is slightly smoother than most textured, but if you can not stand texture polish skip these four and go straight for the holo and foil!

The swatches were photographed outside.


Bad Bad Grey- black based polish with tons of silver glitter

Caution Please-silver base with silver glitter, could have used three coats

Totally D’Accord- my favorite shade out of the textures- a dark green/blue base with silver and darker glitter mix, this looks way better in person
Masked Affair- typical holo with more lavender in it, if you need a holo get this!
Miss Grey- love love love this shade
Painted nail are happy nails!









Sally Hansen Velvet Texture

While at Bed Bath & Beyond today I spotted two new collections from Sally Hansen, one is called Velvet Texture, the other Patent Gloss & Luxe Lace nail color! The Velvet collection has eight shades to choose from. Click here to view the blog for the Patent Gloss & Luxe Lace nail color collection!

These retail for $4.99 each, Salley Hansen states that these are “stylish, New Fabrick-Inspired Special Effects” with a “Luxe, Velvety Feel”. The polish is textured so if you do not like textured polish stay away.

I did not purchase any of these, instead I picked up a few other new shades from Revlon and a shade from the Sally Hansen Luxe Lace Collection.

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This is what the display looks like!


Painted nails are happy nails!



Maybelline Veil Details-Textured Top Coats!

Today I purchased two of the new top coats from the Maybelline Veil Details Collection, I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond for $2.99 per bottle. There are five top coats to choose from from left to right starting at the top: Crystal Disguise, Rose Mirage, Blue Glaze, Amethyst Aura, and Teal Beam.

Maybelline states on the display that these top coats are textured, after viewing Crystal Disguise this does not look like a texture but an iridescent smooth top coat, but all others seem like they could be a slight texture.

I purchased Teal Beam and Amethyst Aura. Teal Beam has two coats and Amethyst Aura has one coat. I like how smooth both formulas are, each brush stroke evenly delivers glitter.

These are top coats and will work with any base color combination, they do provide a slight texture but not the typical texture feel. If you pick at your nail with the traditional textures you may not pick with these since the texture is slight.

Teal Beam-small hex matte glitter in light blue and green, seemed to offer the most texture out of all.

Amethyst Aura-small glitter mixed with small hex glitter.

Painted nails are happy nails!



Sinful Colors Textured Polish

While at Walgreen I spotted a large display for Sinful Colors, the display had repromotes, permanent colors, nail tattoos and a few new colors! I purchased 12 bottles 3 of which are a texture and seem to come from the Sinful Shine Crystal Crush Collection released in the Fall of 2013, however these are the standard $1.99 black top bottles. The three colors are Ruby Mine, Orange Crush and Face the Facets.

I am highly impressed with the formula and wear of this textured polish I would rank the quality right up there with Zoya Pixie Dust and OPI Liquid Sand. Word on the internet is that Walgreens will be having their .99 Sinful Colors sale June 1st – June 7th so I recommend you run to Walgreens and purchase these three must haves.

All three polishes went on smooth, dried fast and wore well. I wore Orange Crush for 5 days with no base ( gasp I never do that) or top coat (not needed unless you want the smooth ultimate glitter look) and had no chipping!

All swatches have two coats, photos taken outside, and look way better in person!

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Display- you can’t miss it!


Ruby Mine- a vibrant red with gold, some pink, and red shimmer

Orange Crush- had gold and orange shimmer

Facet the Facets- Bright yellow with yellow and gold shimmers

Painted nails are happy nails!




Miss Denim Nail Polish by L’Oreal

Over the weekend I spotted the Limited Edition Miss Denim Nail Polish from L’Oreal. This collection has six polishes from left to right in the display photo: Vintage Rose, indigo Classique, Skinny Jeans, Blue my Mind, Distressed Tourqoise, and Jean & Tonic.

Two were purchased by me at Bed Bath & Beyond for $4.99 each.

The display stated this is a distressed finish rock chick look. This polish is a texture so if you do not like textured polish stay away! The color choices are nice but we’ve seen this look before from Milani, Sally Hansen, and Revlon. If you missed out on locating the other Limited Edition textures then go pick a few up.

The polish is easily applied and each swatch has two coats over a clear base coat.

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Vintage Rose

Jean & Tonic

Painted nails are happy nails!



L’Oreal Colour Riche Gold Dust Aka Jewel Textured Nails!

Today I purchased two of the nine new Colour Riche Nail Gold Dust Polish AKA Jewel Textured Nail Polish that L’Oreal just launched! I have found these on large end cap displays at Walgreens that also include makeup, and then at CVS in nail polish only displays. The two shades I purchased are Too Dimensional?, and Rough Around The Edges.

I’m totally in love with this line, it’s much like OPI liquid sand, and Zoya Pixie Dust but with way more sparkle and a fraction of the price.

Each swatch has two coats but one would work! The polish goes on easy and dries fairly fast. The polish is thick and packed with glitter so watch your brush otherwise it will get clumpy. This is a textured polish so if you are not a fan stay away.

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Too Demensional? is a deep purple with blue, silver, gold, and purple hex glitter.

Rough Around The Edges is a black polish with silver sparkle.


Painted nails are happy nails!



Milani Texture!

While at my local Walgreens over the weekend I found a new collection from Milani, it is a Limited Edition Textured Cream Lacquer with a Matte finish. There are six colors one gray then five bright and vibrant colors: Spoiled In Fuchsia, Purple Streak, Shady Gray, Yellow Mark, Aqua Splash and Tainted in Red. The price was $3.99 each which is pretty reasonable considering OPI Liquid Sand Lacquer is retailing for $9.00 a bottle.

I test wore the polish and yup I chipped a nail, the good news is that a quick dab of color covers the chip and you can’t even notice due to the textured and Matte look. I did not wear a base or top coat; the colors go on fast and come of easy.

Spoiled In Fuchsia

Purple Streak

Shady Gray

Yellow Mark

Aqua Splash-My favorite of the six colors!

Tainted Red

Happy nails are painted nails!