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Sinful Colors Spring 2015 Love Sprinkles and Shamrockin!

Spotted at Walgreens two new displays by Sinful Colors, Flirt With Hearts and Kiss Me I’m Stylish! Both of these displays only have one new shade from previous years, and they are both a glitter top coat. In the new larger end cap display there were several new shades, I purchased a few of the new shades along with the two seasonal top coats.

In the Flirt With Hearts display there is a top coat called Love Sprinkles, this is a clear based top coat with a mix of small and medium white and light pink hex glitter and larger white hearts.

In the Kiss Me I’m Stylish display you will find green ocean, Innocent, Snow Me White, Mint Apple, All About You, Happy Ending, Pisctachio, and the new top coat Shamrockin. Shamrockin is a clear base with small and medium hex glitter in white and light green with larger white flowers.

A few ransom new shades on the end cap are Copper Pot, Rose Dust, and Beaches and Cream. I purchased all of these, Beaches and Creams is a pale yellow shade that is just a terrible polish, it is goopy and it streaks with lumps, it should be pulled from the shelves!

I would recommend purchasing all four of the below swatches.

Love Sprinkles-goes on thick and you’ll need to dig for hearts.

Shamrockin- goes on thick and you’ll need to dig for the flowers, I’m still confused why they aren’t shamrocks.

Copper Pot- a nice copper shade with shimmer, this is two coats.

Rose Dust- a light purple with shimmer, this is a thick polish and a one coat completes the look.



Painted nails are happy nails!





Valentine’s Day Mini Mani Monday

For the spirit of Valentine’s Day I created this heart Mini Mani Monday! I used mini Sephora by OPI polishes and Mash Stamp #30.

On the pinkie and pointer finger I used a lovely red glitter, for the two center fingers I used a pale pink. On the middle finger I added a red and purple glitter accent line, then stamped the ring finger and the middle finger with a purple mini polish.

Love is in the air Mani!



Painted nails are happy nails!



Valentine’s Day Nails with Orly & Elf Polish!

Today’s Mini Mini Monday was created with Orly La Vida Loca as the base color then stamped using Winstonia stamp plate W102, and Elf Sea Scape. Since I limited myself to mini polishes I had a hard time locating a mini in my collection which worked with the stamp so it’s a gothic Valentine’s day look!


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Mini Mani Monday Gothic Valentine’s Day Nails!

Painted nails are happy nails!



New colors

Hello and happy Friday!

Tonight I went to Walgreens and found two Sinful Colors I hadn’t seen in the store before. One is a nice dark red called Truth or Dare, this is a nice strong deep red that went on very easy this has two coats and no top coat.

The second color is Star Fish, this color has been around for a while but I have never seen it in the store. This is a nice light creamy pink with two coats and no top coat.

Both colors would be great as stand alone or used to make nail art and will work with nail stamps. I will definitely be using both of these colors in my Valentines Day nail art.

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Happy nails are painted nails!

Heart Nails

Happy Saturday!

This is my first of a few Valentines Day nail polish blogs! I am happy with how the manicure came out! The base is Sinful Colors Professional Easy Going, it is a creamy light pink with two coats for a nice thick base. On both hands I used Mash stamp plate number 39, and the top coat is Seche Vite with one coat.

For my left hand I stamped with China Glaze Satin Sheets.

For my right hand I stamped with China Glaze Pink Voltage.

Happy nails are painted nails!