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Sally Hansen Fall 2015 Shades!

Sally Hansen sent me a five of their Fall 2015 Shades, three from their Limited Edition Xtreme Wear Festival Flare Collection, two are from the Complete Salon Manicure Collection designed by Prabal Gurung.

If you’ve followed my blog you know I have always been a fan of Sally Hansen and do purchase their products as well as receive press samples, my reviews are truthful and I attempt to do more than just swatches to give you a full review of the product. In this blog you will find both swatches and nail art.

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The Xtreme Wear Festival Flare Collection has eight shades; Femme Feather (an indie inspired blush), Heritage Red (bright creamy red), Out for Oxblood (deep maroon), Fall Flair (fuchsia fiesta glitter), Strike Gold (leafy gold glitter), Hard Cider (electric poppy jelly with shimmer), Boho Blue (pacific Oceanesque colbalt blue), Gypsy Jade (deep sea glass tone). Sally Hansen sent me: Out for Oxblood, Strike Gold, and Hard Cider.  The Xtreme Wear polish retails for $2.99 per bottle and can be found in stores now.

Out for Oxblood-Two coats, goes on smooth, great red for the season through February!

Hard Cider-Shimmery Jelly! Two coats, went on smooth. I love this shade its so fun!

Fall Flair over Concrete Jungle (Complete Salon Manicure)

Strike Gold-clear base with a mix of gold hex and shard glitter. Over Hard Cider.

The Complete Salon Manicure Shades sent to me are part of a special creation by designer Prabal Gurung, who created three shades: Midnight Affair, Leaf Peeper, and Concrete Jungle. These are in stores now found in the all you need is ONE! New York Fashion Week Runway Collection, they retail for $7.99 per bottle.

Leaf Peeper-Two coats, lovely dark cream mauve, can be fun and professional all in one!

Concrete Jungle-Two coats, I LOVE this cream grey such an amazing shade alone or used for nail art!

Here is some nail art using all five shades.

Fan Brush nail art using Leaf Peeper as the base and Concrete Jungle with Hard Cider.

Above Fan nail art with Strike Gold.

Blood Splatter using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Totem-ly Yours (press sample) as a base then splattered with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Rhapsody Red (press sample), and Xtreme Wear Out for Oxblood.

Haunted house nails using Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Tribal Sun (press sample), Sally Hansen Copper (purchased by me), and Strike Gold.

Painted nails are happy Nails!


The product samples were given to Cool Polish for editorial purposes. The product samples came from one of the following: directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on www.coolpolish.com are the truthful opinion of its author and are not persuaded by the manufacturer in any way.



Sally Hansen Holiday 2013 Bling in the New Year!

I purchased four new Complete Salon Manicure polishes from Sally Hansen; the four polishes are part of Sally Hansen’s Holiday 2013 Bling in the New Year Collection. Some of these polishes are reissues, the four I purchased are new, they are called Twinkle Toes-ty, 3, 2, 1derland, Midnight, Glitz and Fa-la-la-lavender. These were found at CVS and I was able to pick up four polishes for the price of two because Sally Hansen placed a coupon for buy one get one free on the display!

This review is on Twinkle Toes-ty and 3, 2,1derland. I used a base color under each swatch the name will be noted with the photo. When I posted the swatch for 3,2, 1derland on Instagram some thought it was a duplicate of Mermaids Tale, it is similar but different. You can see my review on Mermaids Tale here, the difference between these two polishes are that Mermaids Tale is a navy jelly base with more teal and less green glitter where 3,2,1derland is a clear base with green and teal multi-sized hex glitter that is more green than teal. These polishes have a wider brush which I am not a fan of.

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Display with coupon!

Twinkle Toes-ty- on a base from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear called Red Carpet, the polish is a clear base with multi-sized gold holographic hex glitter. Each nail has three coats.

3,2,1derland- on a base from Sally Hansen lustre shine called Moonstone, I took one photo outside and one inside so you can see the difference, the ring finger has three coats and the other fingers are a sponge gradient.


Painted nails are happy nails!

Sally Hansen Fall 2013 Xtreme Wear Glitter from Rent the Runway!

Here are the remaining four glitters from the Xtreme Wear Rent the Runway Fall 2013 Collection. I LOVE this collection it is so fun and festive!

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All four of these swatches are a clear base so I used a base color to enhance the fantastic glitter blasts!

Strobe Flash-multi sized hex glitter in black and white with black bar glitter.

Silver Streamers-multi sized hex glitter in silver and black with black bar glitter.

Frazzle Dazzle-multi sized hex glitter in light copper and copper with black bar glitter.

Sparkle in the Dark-multi sized hex glitter in black and gold with black bar glitter.

Painted nails are happy nails!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Fall 2013 Limited Edition Glitter!

Here is my final swatch of the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Limited edition glitters! I love this glitter collection called Rent The Runway! Be sure to pick a few of these lovelies up before they are sold out!

Check out previous blogs on these glitters here and here.

Confetti Cake is a tinted purple jelly with purple glitter and a combination of medium hex glitter in blue and pink with large hex glitter in black, silver.

Painted nails are happy nails!

Fall 2013 Sally Hansen Limited Edition Xtreme Wear Glitter Polish

Here are two more swatches of the Sally Hansen Limited Edition Glitter polish for Fall 2013. I LOVE this collection so much! I have always been a fan of Sally Hansen and can honestly say they perfected this collection!
These two swatches are Sea-ly String and Confetti Punch. Both are fun and packed full of glitter!

For a base I used Sally Hansen Maximum Strength base coat, both have three coats of polish and no top coat, and for those wondering NO it does not get caught in hair or on clothes! I have hair to the middle of my back and have had no problems with this collection as of yet!

Sea-ly String is a jelly blue base with a mix of small and large regular and hex glitter in black, silver and blue with black bar glitter. this photo does no justice for the polish!

Confetti Punch is a jelly base that is rose in color and its packed full of mini pink glitter then multi sized hex glitter in blue, gold and pink.

Have you found these glitter perfections yet? If so be sure to share your photos on Facebook or instagram @coolpolishblog.

Painted nails are happy nails!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Limited Edition Glitter Fall 2013!

I am excited for all the Fall 2013 polish releases but I am VERY excited for the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Limited Edition Glitters. This collection is AMAZING they are some serious glitters that are only $2.99 per bottle! These two swatches are Green Rocket and Rosey Shooter, I purchased these two polishes.

Green Rocket is a clear base with a mix of green and white glitter with different size white and green hex glitter, and white bar glitter.

Rosey Shooter is a clear base with a mix of white and red glitter with different size white and green hex glitter, and white bar glitter.

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Painted nails are happy nails!